Ex-NYPD Cop Accused In Son’s Dying Stored Dog In Heated Area While Boy Froze In Garage, Housekeeper Testifies

An old New You are able to City officer accused within the dying of his autistic son allegedly locked the boy inside a freezing garage overnight as the pet dog rested inside a heated area simultaneously, based on testimony within the situation.

Michael Valva and the ex-fiancée Angela Pollina are facing murder charges within the dying of 8-year-old Thomas Valva, who froze to dying on Jan. 17, 2020. The pair is charged with locking the youthful boy within their Lengthy Island home’s frigid garage overnight.

On Monday, Valva’s housekeeper Tyrene Rodriguez testified during pre-trial proceedings. During her testimony, Rodriguez spoke of retrieving cleaning utility caddy from the mudroom in Valva’s Lengthy Island home where she stated the household dog, “Bella,” rested. 

“And that’s a heated room?” a Suffolk County prosecutor requested Rodriguez, WPIX reported.

The housekeeper responded, “yes.”

It had been 19 levels F the night time Thomas Valva was kept in his family’s garage last winter. An autopsy concluded the kid died of hypothermia.

Rodriguez also testified that they heard Thomas Valva sobbing when she joined the house to wash it at the time from the boy’s dying. The worried housekeeper stated she later requested Pollina what went down.

“I requested her who had been crying she stated ‘Thomas is,’” Rodriguez stated. “‘He fell running for that bus.’”

Pollina then allegedly reassured Rodriguez the boy was fine.

“‘Yeah, he’ll be okay,’” the housekeeper remembered being told.

Rodriguez later stated she saw Michael and Angela Pollina go ahead and take child in to the home’s basement. Soon after, however, the boy stopped breathing.

“And i then checked out my right shoulder, and that i saw Mike, Thomas and Angela,” Rodriguez testified. “[Thomas] had been, like, escorted between each of them, but he was before them.”

The housekeeper told a legal court that they raced to Michael Valva’s side because he administered CPR towards the 8-year-old. 

“I knelt by Thomas’ mind to carry him steady while Mike was compressing his chest,” she added.

At that time, the child’s lips were “blue,” Rodriguez recounted. 

“He was completely naked,” Rodriguez stated. “He was very blue.”

Meanwhile, Valva’s attorneys asked whether government bodies had the right to go in the previous police officer’s home last The month of january. Attorney Matt Tuohy claimed that Angela Pollina had signed a police search order after she’d been sedated with Xanax in a hospital following a incident.

“She never gave anybody permission to go in the home,” Tuohy told PIX11. “They must have become a warrant. They are vital problems that permeate the entire situation.”

Earlier this year, formerly unreleased 911 audio of Michael Valva’s frantic telephone call emergency dispatchers your day his boy died was performed in the court.

Michael Valva also allegedly mocked his 8-year-old boy shortly before he was rushed to hospital, based on surveillance footage acquired in the home. 

Suffolk County prosecutors formerly described the family’s home like a “house of horrors.” 

“The depravity of those defendants is shocking,” Suffolk County Da Timothy D. Sini formerly stated. “They caused the dying of the young boy and they viewed him die.”

Valva, an old transit officer, resigned in the New You are able to City Police Department in 2020.

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