Ex-Brother-In-Law Arrested Regarding The Florida Law Professor’s 2014 Murder

The previous brother-in-law of the murdered law professor continues to be arrested regarding the his murder, nearly eight years following the legal eagle’s slaying rocked Florida.

Charlie Adelson, 45, was arrested on Thursday morning after which booked on charges of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder and solicitation of murder, based on Broward City Jail records.

He’s the previous brother-in-law of Dan Markel, a Florida Condition College law professor who had been fatally shot execution-style in the Tallahassee garage in broad daylight by hired hitmen in 2014, the Tallahassee Democrat reports.

Adelson, a Fort Lauderdale dental professional, was indicted on Wednesday with a grand jury for that shooting, which investigators allege would be a murder-for-hire by which Adelson participated.

Investigators say recently enhanced audio from the 2016 meeting revealed Adelson and the ex-girlfriend and dental assistant, Katherine Magbanua, allegedly discussing the shooting and details implicating him within the murder conspiracy.

Magbanua, now 38, is presently scheduled stand trial within the situation on May 16, NBC Miami reports. She was the alleged liaison between your hitmen as well as their financier(s) — now purported to be Charlie Adelson — who allegedly compensated $100,000 to possess Markel wiped out.

Prosecutors declare that the murder was driven with a need for the Adelson family — in particularly, Charlie and the mother, D Adelson — for Markel’s two youthful sons with ex-wife Wendi Adelson to stay nearer to them, based on the Tallahassee Democrat.

Markel, a practicing attorney, and Wendi Andelson were embroiled inside a child custody suit during the time of his dying in 2014 following a divorce that began when Markel came the place to find a clear house and divorce papers after company business this year, based on People. Divorce was granted in 2013 but Markel was trying to pressure his ex-wife to create the children to Tallahassee from her parents’ home in florida, and also to prevent D Adelson from being able to access them because of “disparaging remarks” she’d made about him to his sons.

The hearing around the allegations against D Adelson were pending during the time of Markel’s murder. Adelson in addition to his mother D Adelson, were implicated in Markel’s murder immediately, but there’s, so far, never been enough evidence either to of charge them.

Charlie Adelson’s attorney David Oscar Markus told the Tallahassee Democrat that his client is innocent while noting the timing from the arrest.

“Charlie is innocent and also the prosecutors don’t have any new information which brought for this arrest,” Markus mentioned. “The timing sure does stink, doesn’t it? Around the eve of the lengthy-anticipated trial of Katie [Magbanua], this move has got the odor of desperation.”

Hitman Sigredo Garcia, 39, was charged of killing Markel in 2019. He was sentenced to existence in jail for pulling the trigger when Markel was shot two times within the mind.

He’d enlisted his childhood friend Luis Rivera to have fun playing the shooting Rivera is presently serving 19 years for his role. 

Magbanua may be the mother of Garcia’s two children. 

The intricate situation was formerly featured on NBC’s “Dateline.”

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