Ex Biker Gang Leader Will get 75 Years for Shooting Girlfriend, That They Attributed To Demons

An old motorcycle gang president continues to be sentenced to 75 years for shooting his 21-year-old live-in girlfriend within the mind.

Guy Wayne Lynch, 52, of Aubrey, Texas, was charged with a jury within the 2017 murder of Tia Spearman and sentenced to 75 years imprisonment, the Ellis County District Attorney’s Office announced on Tuesday.

The skeletal remains of Spearman, who hailed from Lawton, Oklahoma, were found by hog trappers in This summer 2017. As investigators labored to try and find out the remains, Spearman’s family reported her missing. 

Forensic anthropologists and scientists in the College of North Texas Center for Human Identification could help investigators positively find out the human continues to be Spearman per month later. A forensic anthropologist “determined that Tia have been shot within the mind two times, likely from the barrel of the gun contacting her mind, which the way of her dying was homicide,” the pr release states.

Spearman have been coping with Lynch at his apartment during the time of the murder and, during his trial, jurors heard testimony in one of Lynch’s two sons, who also resided with two in the home. 

Among the sons told the jury that, between June, “he observed that Tia wasn’t in the apartment any longer.”

“When he requested his father, Guy Lynch, about where Tia choose to go, Lynch mentioned he wiped out Tia the day before by shooting her within the mind,” the district attorney’s pr release states. “The boy testified that Lynch described he and Tia have been quarrelling and sooner or later, Lynch felt Tia had altered personalities and felt threatened by her. Lynch then shot and wiped out her.”

The boy also testified that, your day following his father’s confession, Lynch put the murder weapon within the water in the presence.

Investigators later learned that within Lynch‘s truck was covered in Spearman’s bloodstream, and mobile phone data also corroborated the son’s story.

“Lynch would be a president of the criminal motorcycle gang many years prior to the murder,” the district attorney’s office states. “He thought that he began seeing demons in June 2017 and believed that a demon had possessed his body in addition to Tia’s body.”

Lynch testified throughout his own trial and claimed he was living a “life of sin” throughout the murder. 

“He described he was driving on Interstate 45 with Tia once the demons made an appearance,” the district attorney’s office authored. “He was frightened, brought out [a] gun from his waistband, and fired one shot into Tia’s mind.”

“He ongoing to become scared, exited the highway, and drove a distance to obtain Tia’s body and then any demons from the truck,” they added. “While Tia lay on the floor, he fired the gun again into her mind, got during the truck and drove away.”

He maintained that ”unknown forces caused him to drag the trigger” and the man has since “been altered by his acceptance of Christianity.” 

The pr release, however, notes that, no matter his newer acceptance of Christ, “Lynch never made any make an effort to contact Tia’s family or even the police concerning the location of Tia’s body for that two several weeks following the murder. Also, he put away her clothing and mobile phone, shredded important documents for example Tia’s social security card, altered his telephone number, put away the telephone he’d during the time of the murder, tried to clean all of the bloodstream from his truck and coached his boy regarding things to tell law enforcement if officials ever asked the boy about Lynch’s participation in Tia’s dying.”

Lynch is going to be qualified for parole in 3 decades.

Spearman’s aunt, Sharon Murray, told KSWO in 2017 that Spearman would be a “very sweet person” who “wouldn’t hurt a fly.”

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