Everybody New DNA Technology May Help Solve 1994 Cold Situation Murder Of 14-Year-Old Girl

Nearly 3 decades ago, Jennifer “Jenny” Lin, a gifted music performer and student, was stabbed to dying in her own California home. Now, information banking on new DNA technology to assist solve the decades old cold situation.

“We have a few options that we’re holding near to our vest,” Alameda County Sheriff Greg Ahern told KGO, a San fran television station. “We wish to make certain we don’t disclose an excessive amount of to some potential suspect.”

Ahern told the station that advances in DNA technologies have permitted these to extract a brand new profile, supplying investigators with new results in pursue.

Lin — an upright Students who performed the viola — spoke to some friend around the telephone at 5:15 p.m. on May 27, 1994, based on the Bay Area Chronicle.

Soon after that, someone broke into her home via a damaged window or sliding clear glass door, forced the teen to consider off her clothes after which stabbed her frequently within the bathroom. Investigators thought that the suspect was intending to sexually assault the teenager but was in some way interrupted, based on multiple media reports.

Her father found her lifeless body after coming back home from deal with 6:45 pm.

The Chronicle reported that bloodhounds tracked a man’s scent to some field behind the Lin’s home, leading police to think which was likely how Lin’s killer left the scene from the crime.

Each year since her dying, Jenny Lin’s parents have held a vigil in in Castro Valley within their late daughter’s memory.

“We consider her, so we make a list of, ‘Is this what Jenny want us to complete?’ And that’s what keeps us going,” Jenny’s mother, Mei-Lian Lin, told KGO.

But her parents are frustrated that her murder has continued to be unsolved since 1994.

“We continue to be pretty frustrated that in the end these years, the situation continues to be not solved,” Jennifer’s father, John Lin, told KGO. “However, we’re encouraged.”

In The Year 2006, police told the Chronicle that Sebastian Alexander Shaw was the best suspect in Jenny Lin’s dying, but Ahern told KGO this season that Shaw was eventually eliminated like a suspect.

Shaw was arrested in Or in August 1994 for driving a stolen vehicle with two rifles, which police stated were obtained from a San Ramon home 72 hours after Jenny Lin’s murder in May.  Police also found pornography, a ski mask, surgical mitts, duct tape, knives, field glasses and plastic handcuffs, based on the Chronicle.

Shaw was subsequently in prison for the 1992 murders of D Ferguson, 18, and Todd Rudiger, 29, and also the June 1995 rape of the Portland lady. Electrical and telephone cords were utilised to connect all of the victims, the newspaper reported, and DNA evidence from the discarded cigarette linked him towards the crimes.

In May 2006, he was in prison for the 1991 murder of Jay Rickbeil, 40, a paraplegic man with cerebral palsy, and sentenced to existence imprisonment without the potential of parole.

During prison Shaw told police he was responsible not less than 10 murders.

He attempted to chop an offer with prosecutors that would’ve shielded him in the dying penalty if he said excitedly everything concerning the murders, but prosecutors declined, based on CBS News.

He died within an Or prison this past year.

The Lins established the Jenny Lin Foundation, which supplies music scholarships and free music programs every summer time, additionally to awareness about child safety for adults and children.

Her parents remains dedicated to finding Jenny’s killer.

“It’s very hard, but we’ve learned how you can keep it in check,” Mei-Lian Lin told KGO. “We all know it’s sad. But we realize that we have to find justice for Jenny.”

An incentive for $100,000 continues to be provided to anybody who provides information which results in an arrest in Lin’s murder.

The FBI and Alameda County Sheriff’s Office is requesting the public’s assistance to solve the situation. 

“If you’ve any information regarding this situation, please contact the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office at (510) 667-3622 or even the FBI Bay Area Division at (415) 553-7400,” the FBI stated. “You might also speak to your local FBI office or even the nearest American Embassy or Consulate. Public tips usually stays private.”

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