ESPN Publishes Investigative Set Of Late Penn Condition Linebacker’s Serial Rapes

A brand new investigative report printed by ESPN examines the possibility role Penn Condition might have performed inside a former football player’s serial rapes and murder. 

Penn Condition faced scrutiny when upon the market football coach Jerry Sandusky was charged with sexually mistreating 10 boys more than a 15-year period. Now, ESPN’s in-depth expose, compiled by Tom Junod and Paula Lavigne, informs the lesser-known story of Penn Condition linebacker Todd Hodne, who had been charged with raping several women – and finally killing another – in 4 decades ago and 1980s.

Within the piece, former Penn Condition Mind Coach Joe Paterno is charged with turning a blind eye while Hodne strongly attacked his victims, “ransacking the lives of ladies at nighttime.”

Based on ESPN’s “Untold” feature story, Hodne attacked a minimum of 12 women. Four from the known victims have since died. 

Hodne’s crimes, which started in 1978, were enough for any prosecutor to once say Hodne was “among the 3 most harmful, physically imposing and callous excuses for a person I ever faced in the court,” based on the publication.

Investigators connected the school linebacker towards the attacks after he was arrested in June 1978 for entering an archive Ranch electronics store.

For that burglary, Paterno told reporters Hodne was suspended for that season.

“Sometimes they believed that simply because they were sportsmen, they’d receive special therapy,” stated Lee Updraft, who had been then your school’s assistant v . p . for student matters. “But these were more concerned about Joe Paterno compared to what they were of me, let’s place it this way. Joe could simply do anything he wanted, and no-one would question him.”

Paterno announced that Hodne could go back to football “if he’s a great academic year and when he proves the robbery would be a mistake.”

On Sept. 13, 1978, 21-year-old Betsy Sailor man — who’d placed a free classified within the school newspaper looking for a lady roommate — met with Hodne as he responded with respect to his “girlfriend,” a trick he devised to satisfy Sailor man. After talking to Hodne, Sailor man required a fast visit to the shop. When she came back home, her light switch did not work.

“The next factor you realize, I’d a hands throughout my mouth along with a knife inside my neck,” Sailor man stated greater than 40 years later. “And a voice stated, ‘I’ll kill you should you say a thing.’”

The assailant place a pillowcase over her mind and sitting on her behalf chest, pinning her shoulders together with his knees. Sailor man stated she recognized the voice because the man she’d talked to earlier as he stated, “I’m likely to rape you.”

That fall, Hodne continued to fight 24-year-old Adrienne Reissman as she was stepping into her vehicle inside a dark alley in the evening. Due to Hodne’s size, he couldn’t execute his planned rape because Reissman’s vehicle was not big enough.

“It required a lengthy time for you to feel safe again,” Reissman stated years later.

Such as the attack on Betsy Sailor man, Susan – whose surname was withheld within the article – also came back the place to find find her light wouldn’t switch on.

“When he faced me, he put certainly one of my shirts, certainly one of my personal favorite shirts, over my mind, put me inside a bathtub, and shaved my genital area,” stated Susan, claiming her attacker also held a knife to her throat. “And he then had his way.”

The rapist ongoing to his victims and gloat concerning the attack, threatening to come back.

Susan’s father, who labored for that phone company, tracked the calls to Hodne’s Hamilton Hall address. Meanwhile, fingerprints collected from Sailor’s crime scene have been sent for examination by police and matched those obtained from the 1978 burglary. 

Government bodies known as Paterno about to check out the player’s location and Hodne surrendered to government bodies days later.

On October 25, 1978, Hodne was arraigned for that rape of Betsy Sailor man. He published bail and it was released within 24 hours.

ESPN’s authors unearthed a study about another 1978 victim known only as “Karen” within the article. Karen’s attack looked like others, except she stated Paterno was involved with covering up. 

“She had been told by law enforcement there were others who was simply attacked lately. She’d heard a few of the other women had received telephone calls after their assault, possibly in the assailant.” reports ESPN. “However when she selected up, she didn’t hear the voice she feared. It was someone familiar although not someone she understood. It had been a guy everybody understood. So when she recognized who it had been, she wondered immediately how he understood her name:

“‘Karen, this really is Joe Paterno,’” the person stated. “Are you OK?’”

A number of Hodne’s teammates could be known as to testify in Hodne’s trial for that rape of Sailor man, including Hodne’s lengthy-time friend Tony Capozzoli, who stated players weren’t permitted to speak about Hodne’s cases without Paterno’s blessing.

“So right from the start, [Paterno] states, ‘Todd Hodne is guilty, and when you testify for him, you’re from the team,’” Capozzoli remembered.

Capozzoli continued to testify against Hodne and claimed he was began they for this.

“And after i return, my room key doesn’t work. My s*** is finished somebody moved it,” Capozzoli stated. “[Paterno] goes, ‘You have your scholarship you can check out school. But you’re from the team.’”

Hodne was in prison for raping Betsy Sailor man and came back to his native Lengthy Island while waiting for sentencing.

There is little press all around the assaults at that time. 

Also it wasn’t the finish of Todd Hodne’s violent attacks.

The previous linebacker was charged with sexually assaulting several more women on Lengthy Island, beginning days after his conviction for Sailor’s rape. In 1979, he was indicted in Nassau County, New You are able to, on four counts of first-degree rape, three counts of first-degree sodomy, along with other charges, including robbery and attempted rape.

Just six several weeks after he was in prison for raping Betsy Sailor man, Hodne pleaded guilty to 2 counts of rape, two counts of sexual abuse, and something count of attempted second-degree robbery.

“I only really wish i could recapture things i lost,” Hodne told the judge.

Hodne offered 3 years for Sailor’s rape and 4 years for his Lengthy Island attacks, as many as seven many years of a 21-year sentence.

Hodne’s existence spiraled during parole, because he grew to become hooked on cocaine, was evicted from your apartment, and fired from a number of odd jobs. Around the nights August. 11, 1987, he tried to take advantage of cab driver Shaun Hirsch, who had been known as to choose him in Huntington, New You are able to. Hodne put Hirsch inside a chokehold, breaking his neck before driving away using the victim still within the taxi.

Hirsch, a parent of 4, died 5 days later after he was removed existence support.

Hodne’s daughter discovered the entire extent of her father’s crimes once researching them from ESPN. She designed a statement, addressing her father’s victims.

“There is certainly not easy relating to this for just about any party involved. I’m sorry you haven’t had the ability to inform your tales I’m grateful now you can,” stated Hodne’s daughter. “His crimes haunted him till [sic] your day he died. It’s challenging be prepared for what he did. I understand there’s nothing I’m able to tell undo the harm and trauma both you and your families have suffered.”

Todd Hodne died of cancer inside a New You are able to prison in 2020 while serving here we are at Hirsch’s murder. He was 61 years of age.

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