Elisabeth Fritzl’s 24-Year Nightmare Of Jail time And Unimaginable Abuse Reimagined In ‘Girl Within The Basement’

As information on the unimaginable horror suffered by Elisabeth Fritzl emerged in 2008 from the town in Lower Austria, the planet was shocked. Imprisoned within the windowless basement underneath the boarding home where she was elevated, the youthful lady was assaulted, mistreated, humiliated, and raped frequently by her father. The “abominable occasions” that required devote that basement prison shook millions and brought many to question a persons convenience of savagery and survival.

The coercion, jail time, and incestuous rape suffered by Elisabeth, time of captivity she suffered together with her children, and also the conditions of her eventual escape after decades of hell would be the inspiration for Lifetime’s new feature film, “Girl within the Basement,” which airs on Saturday. The brand new film moves the appalling Fritzl story towards the American suburbs while altering, omitting, and expanding upon information on what really happened between 1984 and 2008 within the quiet capital of scotland- Amstetten. 

On August. 28, 1984, Elisabeth, then an 18-year-old waitress, was coping with her mother, Rosemarie, and father, Josef, as he lured her towards the basement of the the place to find help him convey a door to have an ongoing home project. Josef Fritzl, a 49-year-old engineer and property developer, had spent years on the basement conversion project placing that door, however, was the ultimate part of building the prison in which the youthful lady could be tortured for many years. As was outlined in Allan Hall’s book, “Monster,” while his daughter was holding the doorway in position, Josef Fritzl held an ether-drenched rag on Elisabeth’s face until she given out, handcuffed her, then locked her at nighttime undercover prison. 

Rosemarie Fritzl was soon proven a handwritten letter from her daughter, postmarked in the capital of scotland- Braunau in Upper Austria, saying she’d left her parents and also the town, and also to not search for her or she’d flee the nation. A police report was filed and Elisabeth continued to be around the Interpol missing person list but was presumed to possess became a member of a spiritual sect, a tale her father recommended to government bodies. 

The following years were only the beginning of Elisabeth’s nightmare, which extended on for pretty much an era. Her father visited the basement chamber virtually every day, frequently raping and mistreating her through the years. In 1988, 4 years into her ordeal and 2 years after getting a miscarriage, Elisabeth delivered her first child, Kerstin. Within the next 14 years, she birthed six more children — Stefan, Lisa, Monika, Alexander, Michael, and Felix. Michael, Alexander’s twin brother, die 72 hours after being born with difficulty in breathing, apparently helped by Josef Fritzl’s negligence the newborn’s body was taken and cremated by his father. 

Once they were infants, Josef Fritzl made the decision that Lisa, Monika, and Alexander could be taken off the cellar and introduced upstairs to become elevated by him and his wife, creating what grew to become referred to as “upstairs family.” Rosemarie believed her husband as he stated each infant had made an appearance outdoors the house having a note from Elisabeth, asking to allow them to be used in. 

Josef Fritzl “very plausible” described to officials and also the couple was permitted to promote the kids as foundlings. After Monika made an appearance in 1994, Rosemarie stated that they received a phone call from the lady sounding like Elisabeth asking her to consider proper care of the newborn, Der Spiegel reported in 2008 the grandmother reported this call towards the police, saying she was perplexed regarding how her daughter got their new, unlisted number. 

While held captive, Elisabeth and also the children’s basement prison contained a tv, radio, video cassette player, refrigerator, along with a hot plate to warm up food — which may be withheld for several days at any given time as punishment. She could nurture her children and educate these to read, but through the years was routinely exposed to torture by her father at occasions, as reported in Der Spiegel, she stated she was made to watch porn videos he introduced downstairs, then designed to re-enact their scenes with him, before her children. 

It had been after her 4th child, Monika, was created that Elisabeth requested her father to have an enlargement from the basement prison. He agreed. She and also the children then dug the soil using their bare hands, eventually enlarging the area from 380 to 590 square ft. However when Felix, her sixth child by her father, was created in 2002, Josef decided he’d be stored within the basement prison with Elisabeth and her two earliest children, Kerstin, and Stefan — his wife couldn’t take care of another child, he later stated, Der Spiegel reported.

On April 19, 2008, the very first time in 24 years, Elisabeth saw the planet outdoors her basement prison — but under desperate conditions, as her oldest daughter, Kerstin, had lost awareness. She and her father introduced the 19-year-old upstairs and also the teen was rushed to Landesklinikum Amstetten hospital, where she was identified as having kidney failure. Elisabeth was rapidly came back towards the basement, simply to be permitted out again, together with Stefan and Felix, not much later after hospital staff was concered about the note Josef Fritzl introduced them, that they stated was from Kerstin’s mother. Both Josef and Elisabeth were introduced towards the police for questioning. 

It required hrs, along with a promise she’d never need to see her father again, before Elisabeth could detail to Austrian government bodies her appalling story. Josef Fritzl, then 73, was arrested on April 26, 2008. The very next day, Elisabeth and her children were taken from the home and in to the proper care of the condition. 

Josef Fritzl stated after his arrest he had mistreated Elisabeth since age 12, and made the decision to imprison Elisabeth because she “didn’t stick to any rules any longer,” as was outlined in interview extracts delivered to the Australian weekly, News. This logic of the deranged, controlling father is reflected in “Girl within the Basement.” Fritzl also blamed his behavior on the disciplined upbringing within the Nazi era until age 10, in addition to his treatment by his mother. Court reports later revealed that before her dying in 1980, Fritzl locked his mother within the attic of her very own home and bricked in the window. 

Under annually after his arrest, Josef Fritzl pleaded guilty to murder charges through the negligence of his infant boy and grand son, Michael, and also the decades of enslavement, incest, rape, coercion, and false jail time of Elisabeth. He was sentenced to existence imprisonment at Garsten Abbey, a converted monastery in Upper Austria, where he remains today.

Fritzl, it had been claimed by his sister-in-law as news of his disturbing crimes tore around the globe, have been jailed for that 1964 rape of the youthful nurse at knifepoint and was really a suspect within the attempted rape of some other youthful lady. He apparently told mental health specialist Adelheid Kastner, “I had been born to rape, and that i held myself back for any relatively lengthy time. I possibly could have socialized a great deal worse than locking up my daughter.”

Elisabeth Fritzl and her children counseled me reunited after her father’s trial and gone to live in a village in northern Austria, where they started therapy. She apparently were built with a strained relationship together with her mother initially, considering that she’d so easily believed her husband’s lies about her disappearance. But, based on articles in The Independent, their relationship has retrieved with time, and Rosemarie has grown close together with her children. 

In May 2008, a hand crafted poster produced by all the survivors and Rosemarie Fritzl thanking the city for his or her support following the horror of the items had happened in Amstetten grew to become known made an appearance within the town center. 

“We, everyone, want to go ahead and take chance by way of thanking everyone for sympathy at our fate”, they authored. “Your empathy helps us greatly to beat these difficult occasions, also it shows us there are also good and honest people here nobody take care of us. Hopefully that soon you will see a period where we are able to find our long ago right into a normal existence.”

Written by Stephanie Green

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