Dying of Black Teen, Restrained By Corrections Officials In Juvenile Detention Center, Ruled A Homicide

The dying of the Black teen, who died after he was restrained by corrections officials in the Kansas juvenile detention, continues to be ruled a homicide and the family now wants individuals responsible to become attributed.

An autopsy report, acquired by on Tuesday, classified the Sept. 26 dying of Cedric Lofton, 17, like a “homicide.” It stated he died after “complications of cardiopulmonary arrest sustained after physical struggle while restrained within the prone position.” The autopsy report, that was filed on Monday in Sedgwick County District Court, claims that Lofton was handcuffed and laying face-lower on the ground from the Juvenile Intake and Assessment Center (JIAC) when his heart stopped beating. As much as five employees were involved with restraining the teen.

The juvenile jail employees who restrained the teen haven’t been identified. They’ve been put on compensated administrative leave.

“Today, the main Medical Examiner for Sedgwick County, Kansas, confirmed that Cedric Lofton’s dying would be a homicide,” Chicago-based civil legal rights lawyers Andrew Stroth and Steven Hart stated inside a joint statement with respect to the household on Monday. “This confirms our thought that Sedgwick County personnel in the Juvenile Intake and Assessment Center (JIAC) in Wichita wiped out Cedric. As based on the recording evidence, these people unjustifiably with excessive and not reasonable pressure pinned Cedric down, ultimately killing the unarmed, 135-pound, 17-year-old Black teen.”

The statement declares the Sedgwick County Da “should pursue criminal charges illegal enforcement personnel accountable for Cedric’s dying.” It claims that the household is “seriously” waiting for the findings of the criminal analysis through the Kansas Bureau of Analysis.

Stroth, who’s co-counsel around the situation with Hart, told via phone that for several weeks the 2 lawyers felt the “narrative provided by the government bodies didn’t accumulate.”

He stated that considering the autopsy and video clip from the event they viewed with Lofton’s family, the teen’s relatives “believes people who wiped out Cedric ought to be held accountable for that tragic, unjustified and untimely dying of the 17-year-old Black teen.”

“Now a household will no longer have a boy,” he stated.

Stroth told that Lofton would be a senior high school senior who loved music and rap coupled with intends to proceed to California after graduating to pursue a job inside it.

“His vibrant light was extinguished through the personnel inside the juvenile detention center that required his existence,” he stated. “The evidence speaks by itself and it is tragic that another Black teen was wiped out.”

The Sedgwick County District Attorney’s office hasn’t immediately taken care of immediately’s request comment.

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