During Look For Missing Mother, Investigators Find ‘Headless Torso’ In Freezer At Her Boyfriend’s Alleged Meth Lab

While looking for military services weapons Louisiana mother, investigators uncovered a dismembered body inside a freezer at her boyfriend’s alleged meth lab.

Mother and father been looking for Julia Dardar, 36, since her estranged husband Michael Dardar reported her missing recently, and will be in close connection with her boyfriend Benjamin Beale, 34, NOLA reports. 

After reporting his wife missing, Michael Dardar told NOLA he found that his estranged wife and Beale visited California to get a college bus in December. It had been for the reason that chartered bus that investigators say they found the dismembered body on Tuesday.

“The headless torso of the items made an appearance to become a grownup human female,” was situated in a freezer aboard public transit, based on court papers acquired by Fox News. The victim appeared to possess endured deep cuts that “made an appearance to possess been inflicted publish-mortem.”

Inside a nearby Coleman ice chest, investigators noted they located a saw “which made an appearance to possess items of flesh and fluid around the blade.”  A legal court documents also alleged there would be a meth lab and illegal weapons in the scene. 

Beale is presently being held on the $450,000 bond with an obstruction of justice charge in addition to charges for alleged distribution of meth and marijuana, illegal weapons possession and managing a “clandestine drug lab,” based on online jail records.

The identity from the remains have yet to be openly confirmed by government bodies and also the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office hasn’t immediately taken care of immediately’s request discuss the situation.

However, Michael Dardar is for certain the remains fit in with his wife.

“She may wish to be appreciated like a good mother because she attempted her best, we’d our good and the bad,” he told NOLA. He stated she fell victim to meth last year and claims that Beale had enabled her addiction. He stated she lately moved along with Beale.

Michael and Julia shared two kids, who’re presently very young.

“This is a huge gap, an avoid within our lives now because we always did think she’d end up better and are available back,” Michael stated.

He told NOLA that although he understood his wife was headed lower a “bad road,” he stated the actual way it all ended was “gruesome […] beyond belief.”

It isn’t obvious if Beale comes with an attorney. He’s due in court in March.

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