Duggar Family Friend Offers Emotional Testimony About Josh Duggar’s Good Reputation For Alleged Child Sexual Abuse

A lengthy-time family friend from the Duggar family required the stand Monday to tearfully recount how Josh Duggar had once confessed to molesting girls—allegedly acknowledging the functions started as he was 12 years of age.

Bobye Holt required the stand—as did Josh’s father Jim Bob Duggar—as a part of an evidentiary hearing  only one previous day jury selection is slated to start within the federal trial from the former “19 Kids and Counting” reality star.

Josh, 33, is facing two counts of installing and possessing child pornography after prosecutors stated they found a number of graphic and disturbing child pornography images on the workplace computer at Josh’s vehicle dealership. He’s pleaded not liable within the situation.

Jim Bob and Bobye Holt both testified Monday that they are aware Josh had molested youthful women previously, but prosecutors and defense attorneys are in odds about if the testimony ought to be permitted at trial, based on People.

Based on Bobye, Josh first confessed to her and her husband, Jim Holt, he had molested more youthful children on March 30, 2003 following the couple had received a phone call from Jim Bob, who advised these to stop by to understand “what Josh tried.”

The 2 families have been close for a long time and Josh have been dating the Holts’ earliest daughter for many several weeks. Even though the families had wished the kids might marry at some point, the brief courtship found a rapid finish following the alleged admission.

Josh and also the four adults collected in Jim Bob and Michelle’s bed room for hrs because they interceded and spoken. Bobye testified that Josh accepted to touching four women and stated that there was a particular incident on that day having a child known in the court as “Jane Doe four.”

“[Josh] described that Jane Doe four was located on his lap during Bible some time and he touched her inappropriately,” she stated while emotional. “He stated it happened on that day. With that date, he told us he touched her genitals.”

She testified he also accepted to touching other women on their own breasts and genital area, including touching one girl in Feb of 2002 who visited his parents.

“From what he told me…it began at [age] 12 until March 30, 2003,” she stated.

Josh moved along with the Holt family for many several weeks in 2005 and Jim—who was an ordained minister—provided regular counseling. It had been in that time that Bobye testified that Josh provided additional information by what had happened with Jane Doe four.

“When she was located on his lap he put his hands under her pantaloons and under her panties,” a psychological Bobye stated in the court, based on People, adding he had touched the youthful girl inside her genital area.

Also, he allegedly spoken about touching among the women while she was sleeping, but Bobye stated the lady automobile up and informed her parents.

She testified that they had attempted to talk to Michelle and Jim Bob concerning the latest revelations but was told they “didn’t wish to listen to it.”  

Josh later needed to leave the house after “something else happened in Little Rock” but Bobye stated the incident had nothing related to inappropriate touching.

Jim Bob also required the stand Monday, but frequently testified he didn’t remember specifics in the past and made an appearance to obtain upset when prosecutors referenced a 2015 article by In Contact magazine. The publication ran a tale once they had acquired a duplicate of the 2006 police report detailing the alleged abuse of 5 underage women, including a number of Josh’s siblings.

The content motivated TLC to cancel the family’s reality show and led to Josh issuing an announcement by which he accepted he’d “acted inexcusably” like a “young teen.”

“I consider using any means to return to individuals teen many take different actions,” he stated inside a statement to individuals at that time.  

In the court on Monday, Jim Bob was adamant the report have been “sealed” included in a “juvenile record.”

“This was something for any youthful man in the future forward,” he stated.

He bristled when prosecutors provided a duplicate from the police report, which still had the In Contact emblem onto it.

“I’m not gonna take. Are you currently gonna permit that?,” he requested the judge, criticizing the prosecutors by saying, “For everyone to utilize a tabloid to create it support is extremely unprofessional.”

When pressed by prosecutors to explain yesteryear molestation allegations, Jim Bob frequently stated he didn’t remember and described it just as “inappropriate touching” of girls’ breasts, based on the magazine.

“It’s been like 18, 19 years back … a lengthy time ago,” he stated.

Jim Bob testified that whenever learning from the allegations, he and the wife Michelle had “tried to deal with things in-house” and initially sent Josh away in 2003 after an accidents.

“It would be a very hard amount of time in our family’s existence,” he stated, later adding that Josh had “crossed some line right at this chronilogical age of curiosity.”

Jim Bob stated the household later made the decision to consider their boy towards the Arkansas Condition Police, where Josh “confessed everything” in the suggestion of Jim Holt.

Prosecutors want to begin to see the testimony of both witnesses incorporated within the trial, which begins Tuesday with jury selection, simply because they feel it will help set up a pattern of abuse, based on local station KHBS.

Defense attorneys have contended, however, the occurrences happened when Josh would be a minor which as he confessed the functions to Bobye, she was a part of a church group. They feel local clergy privilege should include the conversations.

The court is anticipated to listen to briefings around the issue on Tuesday before jury selection.

Josh was arrested after government bodies stated they found pornographic images depicting the sexual abuse of kids on the computer in a vehicle dealership the previous reality star had owned.

If charged around the charges against him, Josh could address twenty years in jail, ABC News reports.

Through the court proceedings, Josh’s wife Anna, who lately welcomed the couple’s seventh child, has continued to be supportive.

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