Domestic Violence Restraining Order Requested Against Queens From The Stone Age Frontman, Is Apparently Denied By Two Idol judges

Brody Dalle, the previous wife of Queens from the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme, apparently declared a domestic violence restraining order against him with respect to their two sons but was denied two times in the court. 

Dalle, 42, filed demands for restraining orders with respect to the previous couple’s two children, who’re ages 10 and 5, TMZ reports. The requests were denied by two idol judges, one out of downtown La and the other in Santa Monica, TMZ reported on Friday.

Based on the original request, the 48-year-old music performer is charged with physically and verbally mistreating the kids. Dalle, who fronts this guitar rock band The Distillers, mentioned she fears for that two boys’ well-being and requested Homme to stay 100 yards from their kids as well as their dog too.

The filing also alleges Homme made threats in the existence of his 10-year-old boy to kill Dalle’s boyfriend and it has driven his children around while consuming alcohol, based on TMZ.

Homme and Dalle’s daughter, who had been born in the year 2006, isn’t incorporated within the filing.

“Dalle has formerly introduced these states law enforcement, DCFS [Department of kids and Family Services] and also the presiding judge from the divorce court, all whom have declined to make any move based on these spurious claims,” Homme’s lawyer, Susan Wiesner, told TMZ.

Wiesner told inside a statement following a judges’ rejections that “the allegations produced by Ms. Dalle against Mr. Homme are categorically false. To be able to safeguard the kids, we won’t make any more statements.”

The previous couple’s relationship, and also the finish from it, continues to be rocky. Dalle declared divorce in November of 2019 citing Homme’s drug abuse. He joined a drug abuse program soon after, TMZ reported. Later, Dalle filed a restraining order against Homme, claiming he headbutted her. That order was granted. Homme then filed a restraining order against Dalle, claiming that they have been intentionally turning up around him he stated she was attempting to make it look as if he was violating his restraining order. The court granted that request.

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