Doctors Finds Florida Drifter Qualified To Stand Trial For Murder Of 14-Year-Old Boy

Psychologists have discovered that the Florida man charged with fatally stabbing a teen and departing his body near an interstate is qualified to stand trial.

Ryan Rogers only agreed to be 14 years of age as he put down for any ride a bike from his Alton Community home around 6:39 p.m. on November. 15, based on CBS affiliate 12 News. Our prime school freshman’s body was discovered close to the I-95 overpass in Palm Beach Gardens — 75 miles north of Miami — the following day. The teen had sustained stab wounds to his mind and face.

Surveillance footage and mobile phone records put Semmie Lee Johnson Junior., 39, and Rogers on Central Boulevard simultaneously, near where Rogers’ body was later discovered, based on the Palm Beach Publish.

Johnson was arrested in Rogers’ dying on 12 ,. one in Miami, when government bodies found a bandana that contains Williams’ and Rogers’ bloodstream within the suspect’s backpack.

He was subsequently billed with first-degree murder having a weapon, the Condition Attorney’s Office announced.

Questions were elevated about Williams’ competency rigtht after his arrest. This is when Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy Michael McCabe requested Johnson if he understood why he was under arrest, based on an accidents report reported by NBC affiliate WESH 2.

“Yeah,” Johnson responded. “Murder, due to the things they did to Black people about providing them with syphilis.”

Soon after, Johnson tried to wrestle McCabe down.

Johnson, police and reporters discovered, regularly published concerning videos to his YouTube account, based on the Publish.

Hrs before Ryan Rogers’ murder, Johnson submitted a relevant video by which he stated police were following him.

“They put implants throughout my body system, within my eyes,” stated Johnson. “They can easily see through my eyes.”

“Somebody attacked me yesterday,” Johnson published eventually after Rogers’ murder. “They had people ride past me on bikes, and I’ve been getting physically assaulted.”

Other mobile phone videos submitted to Williams’ YouTube page incorporated what many considered paranoid delusions, like the thought that cults lost to obtain Johnson and other people were conspiring against him, based on Delray CBS affiliate WPEC.

Individuals videos generally chronicled Williams’ nomadic travels from condition to condition because he expressed his belief inside a deep-sitting down conspiracy against him that presented as the concept that he had been stalked, persecuted and sexually assaulted, based on the Publish.

The YouTube funnel was removed following Williams’ arrest.

Public defenders representing Johnson say their client has “long-standing and chronic mental illness,” together with a schizophrenia diagnosis.

Assistant Public Defender Scott Pribble agreed in Feb, based on the Publish.

“Because of his severe mental illness, he seems not able to testify relevantly, to reveal to counsel details pertinent towards the proceedings at issue, in order to otherwise meaningfully take part in and aid counsel,” Pribble authored.

Still, in The month of january, prosecutors had announced their intent to find the dying penalty in Williams’ situation.

On Wednesday, Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Charles Burton — who presides within the court’s mental health division — reviewed the reports of two psychologists given the job of evaluating Johnson. Burton is anticipated to plan a hearing within the coming days to listen to expert opinion concerning the findings, which may be susceptible to questioning by the condition and Williams’ defense.

Johnson — who’s destitute — includes a lengthy, and violent, criminal background to his name, reported by WPEC. Government bodies released a summary of his noticably criminal charges between 2004 and 2016, such as the strangulation assault of the seniors person, two domestic assaults and transporting a hidden electronic weapon.

Williams’ was considered unfit to face trial within the strangulation situation and spent 2 yrs inside a Georgia psychological facility until competency might be restored, based on the Publish. For the following 2 yrs — between 2018 and 2020 — he was mandated to get treatment inside a Georgia residential program targeted at treating individuals with “severe and chronic mental illness.”

Johnson is scheduled for an additional hearing on April 20, court public records show. He’s presently being held in the Palm Beach County’s Primary Detention Center because he awaits trial.

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