DNA On Cigarette Linked Serial Thief To 1988 Slaying Of Wealthy Cancer Patient

The mysterious cold situation killing of the seniors widow found viciously stabbed to dying in her own Sc home greater than 30 years ago continues to be solved, police stated.

Alice Haynsworth Ryan was discovered accurate March. 8, 1988 after a fatal knife attack at her Tudor mansion near Greenville’s Cleveland Park.

Ryan, a cancer patient, had showed up home from the chemotherapy treatment in a nearby hospital shortly before her murder. Her daughter, Katherine, aided her mother within the home after which left to operate errands at roughly 2:30 p.m. Upon her return 40 minutes later, she found Alice Ryan’s body in the kitchen area of the house, this was damaged into.

The 80-year-old have been stabbed 37 occasions — with a screwdriver along with a butcher knife — the Greenville Journal reported. She was pronounced dead in the scene. The knife and screwdriver (both easily wiped lower), a bloody dish cloth and Ryan’s house key put together discarded nearby outdoors the home.

Ryan’s 1967 Ford Universe sedan, this was parked within the front yard earlier, seemed to be missing, based on local government bodies. The vehicle later switched up abandoned ten or twenty yards away. 

“You just do not have that kind of murder every single day,” Buddy Burgess, a detective who labored around the case’s analysis years back, told The Condition. “[A] large amount of legwork. We labored every position. We simply couldn’t assemble it.”

Investigators adopted up a torrent of tips and spoken with buddies, family and neighbors from the seniors lady, but created little information. Evidence collected in the crime scene demonstrated inconclusive at that time. 

“It upset the entire community,” Burgess stated.

For many years, no arrests were created and also the analysis found a dead stop. However in 2017, a recently-constituted cold situation unit within the Greenville Police Department reopened the situation. 

“For more than 30 years, many dedicated detectives have labored to locate solutions for that Ryan family,” former Greenville Police Chief Ken Miller told reporters in 2019. “Groups of investigators, now and then, happen to be dedicated to locating the evidence or even the information required to bring the killer to justice.”

Greenville Police are in possession of a recently-identified suspect: Lamar Eco-friendly, an alleged serial thief who died soon after the murder. Government bodies pinpointed him after evidence within the situation was re-tested following advancements in DNA technology. 

Within this situation, the suspected murder weapons — the knife and screwdriver — plus a cigarette butt present in Ryan’s vehicle were delivered to a criminal offense lab for Paternity testing at the begining of 2018. 

Trace genetic material located on the cigarette brought investigators to John Munns, who had been in Greenville during the time of Ryan’s slaying coupled with prior arrests for armed robbery and sexual conduct. He intially declined to speak and was billed with Ryan’s murder in 2019. 

However Munns fired his lawyer in front of his pending trial and decided to talk. In 2021, he finally revealed to detectives he have been in Ryan’s vehicle with Eco-friendly your day from the widow’s killing. Munns was adamant that Eco-friendly had wiped out Ryan and then attempted to market him her vehicle, and denied getting involved in the killing or perhaps entering the Sc socialite’s home.

“Based around the evidence, we felt all of this made sense,” Deputy Solicitor William McMaster stated this month.

Munns pleaded guilty not to reporting the incident to police force and it was sentenced to 4 years, time offered, in September. Another charges were dropped.

Eco-friendly was wiped out several weeks after Ryan’s dying his mother-in-law shot him for allegedly holding family people at gunpoint, based on the Condition. It had been ruled a justifiable homicide.

Ryan originated from a leading Sc legal family with political ties. Her nephew is former federal judge Clement Haynsworth, who had been once unsuccessfully nominated like a Top Court justice during Richard Nixon’s administration. Ryan’s great nephew, Knox White-colored, is Greenville’s current — and lengthy-time — mayor. He would be a sitting city council member during the time of his great aunt’s murder.

A spokesperson for White’s office didn’t immediately react to’s demands for comment concerning the lately solved situation on Friday mid-day.

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