Disadvantage Artist Kills And Dismembers Pastor’s Wife — Did She Perform The Same Factor To Her Mother?

People loved Shirley Jo Phillips. She was energetic, good-searching, and charming. She seemed to be a crook along with a disadvantage artist. Even her family would let you know so.  

“My mother always stated, ‘Your aunt’s a kleptomaniac. She can’t come in the home without stealing something,'” Phillips’ nephew, Jack Jackson, told “Clicked,” airing Sundays at 6/5c on Archiweekend.

Shirley Jo Phillips was created in 1936. She was briefly married, which led to a boy, Glenn “Buddy” Minster, born in 1959, afterward raising him like a single mother. Jackson stated Phillips were built with a “combative” relationship together with her own mother, Lela Kyle. Kyle cast a disapproving eye on her behalf daughter’s lifestyle and blamed her for that hardships she endured. 

Back In 1984, Phillips’ family observed a general change in her, as she grew to become distant. “She barely checked out me. Wouldn’t speak with me. I even commented to my grandmother, I stated, ‘What’s the offer with Aunt Shirley?’ and she’s like, ‘Your aunt just altered inside a bad way,'” Jackson told producers.

Phillips became a disadvantage artist, stealing from men she connected with and selling their possessions.

“She usually chose men however when men no more availed themselves, she looked for some individuals so when she found somebody, she required them for everything she could,” nephew Mickey Jackson Junior. told “Snapped.”

In 1989, Phillips met 66-year-old Wilma Plaster. Daughter Linda Baker said her mother was a simple target. 

“I think she recognized how lonely Mother was because Shirley Phillips sprang inside and she or he informed her what she desired to hear,” Baker producers.

Wilma Plaster was created in Ozark County, Missouri in 1923. She met her husband to be, Layton, at church when she was 15. He later grew to become a pastor, and church and family were in the center of Plaster’s existence. She would be a doting mother and grandmother.

Tragically, back in 1984, Layton was identified as having amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, generally referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Five several weeks later, he was dead. His dying hit Plaster hard. She could cope with the grieving process with the aid of Janice Prepare, another widow and friend from church.

However, on October 3, 1989, Plaster’s children grew to become concerned once they couldn’t get ahold of her, and 72 hours later, a lady driving home from operate in Springfield, Missouri, stopped when she saw several bags thrown concerning the side from the road. Inside one were garden shears, a knife, and sponges, all covered in bloodstream. Others contained an individual torso and mind. 

Dental records confirmed the victim was Wilma Plaster. The reason for dying would be a single gunshot wound towards the mind with a .38 caliber bullet, based on court papers. The medical examiner concluded Plaster was murdered on March. 3.

Police looked Plaster’s home and determined the knife and garden shears found together with her parts of the body originated from her home. Her vehicle didn’t have and her garage made an appearance to possess been lately cleaned. Crime scene investigators sprayed the region with luminol. 

“The crime lab found bloodstream residue there. Lots of bloodstream. We felt such as the actual decapitation and the body dismemberment happened in the spare room of Wilma’s house,” former Springfield Police Detective David Asher told producers.

Plaster’s neighbors told detectives that around the nights March. 3, they heard a loud noise, possibly a gunshot, around 10:30, based on court papers. Neighbors also remembered seeing a mystery silver vehicle pulling in to the garage. 

Detectives spoken with Janice Prepare and requested if Plaster had any close buddies she thought they ought to speak with. Prepare stated she’d a completely new friend she met line dancing. Her name was Shirley Jo Phillips.  

“Mom was looking forward to getting a brand new friend. Janice had began dating somebody coupled with type of managed to move on using their relationship and she or he was kind of alone. Shirley type of walked in and filled the space,” Plaster’s boy, Dr. Mark Plaster, told “Snapped.”

Plaster and Phillips have been buddies for under per month. When requested what sort of vehicle Phillips drove, Prepare stated she drove a silver Cadillac.      

On October 10, Phillips’ friend Nora Martin contacted police. She stated Phillips visited her yesterday. Upon her arrival, Phillips was adamant they place their cars to obtain washed and diligently vacuumed and washed her vehicle several occasions. That night, as you’re watching the night news, the 2 women saw a study on Plaster’s murder. Phillips grew to become visibly upset and stated her fingerprints counseled me over Plaster’s home. 

After Phillips left, Martin found several bags hidden under her porch. They contained cleaning materials, bank documents, and checks owned by Plaster, along with a .38 caliber revolver that later matched to Plaster’s gunshot wound, based on court papers.  

The gun was registered to Plaster’s boy, Buddy Minster. Detectives asked him but found he’d an alibi.  

“He’s experienced jail on / off, he visited prison. He’d enter a location but violence, murder? My cousin wasn’t like this,” Jackson told producers.

Investigators also discovered a canceled check of Plaster’s, for Phillips in the quantity of $4,050.00, based on court papers. During the time of her dying, Plaster’s banking account have been almost completely drained.   

Before they might bring her in, Phillips demonstrated up in the police station. She’d heard investigators wanted to speak to her and posted a handwriting sample. 

Phillips denied getting anything related to Plaster’s murder and claimed the cash was to cover furniture. She stated she’d last seen Plaster departing your accommodation bar in a Ramada Inn in Springfield where Plaster’s vehicle was later found. However, the handwriting sample got her into trouble.

“From the handwriting samples the calligrapher determined the look for $4,050 wasn’t signed by Wilma Plaster. Which was not her handwriting, and it was confirmed to be Shirley’s,” Asher told police.

Phillips was arrested on suspicion of check forgery. When investigators looked her vehicle, they found traces of bloodstream within the trunk, based on court papers.

On October 12, 1989, Shirley Jo Phillips was arrested and billed with murder within the first degree, based on a 1989 report in the Tulsa World newspaper.

Three days later, the Oklahoma Bureau of Analysis contacted detectives in Springfield concerning the disappearance of Phillips’ mother, Lela Kyle. She’d gone missing the prior spring.

“We were contacted by Damaged Arrow, Oklahoma, in mention of the nine pounds of human flesh they’d retrieved in a roadside park,” Asher told producers. “This was retrieved back on or about A Birthday of this year and just what it had been was four fingers of the left hands, part of a maximum lip, a nose, an ear, along with other parts of the body.” 

After hearing of Phillips’ arrest, her sister, Wanda Lou Moorer, reported their mother missing. Government bodies ultimately identified your body parts as owned by Kyle, The Oklahoman reported at that time. 

Phillips never was billed on her mother’s murder, but she wound up in jail regardless for Plaster’s killing.

Shirley Jo Phillips was in prison for first-degree murder in Feb 1992. That April she was sentenced to dying, however in 1998, Phillips’ dying sentence was commuted to existence imprisonment without the potential of parole, based on the Southeast Missourian newspaper. Now 84, Phillips is presently incarcerated at Chillicothe Correctional Center, a women’s prison in Missouri. 

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