Did The Kidnapper Who Tortured ‘The Girl Within The Box’ Possess A Previous Victim?

While hitchhiking to some friend’s birthday celebration in May 1977, 20-year-old Colleen Stan was selected up with a couple having a baby who weren’t a typical family. Not.

Rather of shedding her off toward her destination, they kidnapped Stan at knife-point and imprisoned and mistreated her for seven years.

In “Snapped Well known: The Lady within the Box,” a new special on Archiweekend, Stan recounts her harrowing experience as a result of abductors Cameron and Janice Hooker during in-depth and chilling interviews. Stan, now 64 along with a grandmother, relives the horrors she suffered and just how she finally steered clear of.

Stan also eerily recalls visiting a photograph of the youthful lady inside a coffin-like structure where she occured captive within the Hookers’ Red Bluff, California home. 

It had been “kind of just like a school portrait type picture,” Stan told “Snapped Well known.” “Every time I crawled interior and exterior this box, I saw that picture.” 

Stan thought that the lady within the picture might have been taken by her captors before her. Who had been she? What went down to her?

Back In 1984, the entire year she made the decision to depart her husband and switch him into government bodies for holding Stan captive, Janice Hooker told government bodies that Stan wasn’t the very first girl that Cameron kidnapped. They’d kidnapped another youthful lady who had been eventually murdered, Janice claimed in police interviews, reported the Chico News &amp Review this year. She stated she understood from searching in the girl’s license that the girl’s name was Marie Elizabeth Spannhake.

Spannhake was indeed a lady who went missing from Chico, California years earlier. The 18-year-old had disappeared on The month of january 31, 1976, about 16 several weeks before Stan was kidnapped. She’d gone to live in the region together with her boyfriend, John Baruth, per month earlier.

Tomorrow, Spannhake and Baruth choose to go to some swap meet, where they apparently contended and she or he subsequently made the decision just to walk home. She never showed up in their residence.

Baruth known as law enforcement on Feb 2 to are convinced that she’d gone missing. He confirmed none of her possessions were missing in the apartment, according towards the News &amp Review. 

At the start of the analysis into Spannhake’s disappearance, Baruth received suspicion. Police requested Baruth to consider wrong detector make sure he agreed. He passed and it was removed like a suspect. Investigators had couple of other leads, and also the situation eventually went cold.

Janice claimed Cameron had kidnapped Spannhake when she was walking home on that day. She stated they were within their vehicle once they spotted Spannhake walking along a stretch of road. They offered her a good start, after which kidnapped her. Eventually, Cameron murdered her, she alleged.

Before Cameron wiped out her, he tortured her: He place a box on her behalf mind, hung Spannhake from hooks within the rafter, and even tried to silence her by cutting her vocal cords, Janice claimed, according towards the Chico News &amp Review. Cameron later shot Spannhake “at least two times within the stomach having a pellet gun” and strangled her. 

The Hookers are viewed to possess folded her body in carpeting, drove up in to the mountain tops, and hidden her along a dust road, based on “Snapped Well known.” 

Efforts to locate Spannhake’s body happen to be futile.

To understand more about this situation, watch “Snapped Well known: The Lady within the Box” on Archiweekend.

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