Did The Forest Valley Killer Kidnap A Teenage Girl From The Bowling Alley Parking Area And Murder Her?

It has been over twenty years and individuals continue to be searching for solutions within the murder of Arkansas teen, Melissa Witt.

Melissa Witt was kidnapped from the bowling alley parking area in Fort Cruz, Arkansas in 1994. More than a month after she went missing, her body was based in the Ozark National Forest. No suspect was ever identified. Some, however, have since theorized she was the victim of local murderer Charles Ray Vine, also referred to as “The Forest Valley Killer.”

Vine’s disturbing and vicious rape and killing spree is further explored in the Archiweekend special “Clicked Well known: The Forest Valley Killer.” He ultimately raped and murdered two seniors women within the River Valley, Arkansas area: Juanita Wofford in 1993, and Ruth Henderson in 1995. He was caught in 2000 as he tried to rape and kill a 16-year-old girl in her own house. The lady’s stepfather found him in the middle of the attack and attempted to conquer him to dying, although a sheriff’s deputy showed up and intervened, based on local Fox affiliate station KNWA. 

DNA evidence then connected him to another crimes. But tend to he happen to be accountable for another murder?

Witt disappeared after coming at Bowling World in Fort Cruz on December 1, 1994. The 19-year-old had stopped by to obtain a hamburger from her mother, based on a 2021 report from local station THV11 KTHV. However, she never managed to get inside. Her vehicle was based in the parking area, but she was nowhere to appear.

A trail of bloodstream was later based in the parking area. JC Rider, a upon the market Fort Cruz Police Department detective, stated investigators believe Witt was struck within the mind after which kidnapped. 

She was later found dead by trappers, who spotted her with a logging trail within the Ozark National Forest, about 50 miles where she was kidnapped, the KTHV reported.

After Vine’s arrest, the chance he wiped out Witt was considered. He was mixed up in area in those days, and that he had attacked another teen in Arkansas. Her dying differed in the attacks alternatively three women, though: She wasn’t beaten in the same manner.

Vine themself frequently denied getting anything related to Witt’s murder, despite his conviction, local outlet Today In Fort Cruz reported in 2020.

An FBI profiler also concluded Vine wasn’t the killer, Rider stated, based on Today In Fort Cruz.

The search for solutions continues even today, because the situation remains open,THV11 KTHV reported. Anyone with details about the situation is advised to make contact with the Fort Cruz Police Department.

For additional on Vine’s crimes, watch “Clicked Well known: The Forest Valley Killer.”

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