Did Brittney Wood’s Uncle, Jesse Holland, Die By Suicide Or Was He Murdered?

Just 2 days after Brittney Wood disappeared this year in Alabama, her uncle—and the final known person doing alive—was found shot to dying within the forest.

But was Jesse “Donnie” Holland’s dying a suicide or murder?

Local government bodies have consistently stated that Donnie died of the suicide, with Baldwin County Sheriff Huey “Hoss” Mack telling in 2015 the suicide ruling remains intact “based on all available evidence.”  

But others have asked the position of the fatal gunshot, which joined through the rear of Donnie’s mind, and believe it’s possible another person pulled the trigger.

“To place the gun behind their mind could be very odd, I do not are conscious of any suicide which was completed in that position,” firearms expert Cameron Bucy, an expert witness in self-defense cases, told  “Monster within the Shadows,” a brand new Peacock docuseries around the Wood situation open to stream Thursday.

During the time of his dying, Donnie have been under analysis for participation inside a disturbing child sex ring involving a lot of their own family people.

Just half an hour before he was scheduled to satisfy with investigators to go over the allegations, he died of the fatal gunshot while relaxing in his vehicle, that was left still running inside a clearing overlooking Fish River, based on government bodies.

“I think that Donnie Holland most likely understood when he demonstrated up, he would be arrested and for that reason, he really required their own existence roughly half an hour before he was because of talk with us,” Eric Winberg, an old detective using the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office stated within the three-part series.

The gunshot wound was at the back of his mind, behind his ear, based on The Connected Press. Investigators believed he’d been wiped out having a small gun that really belonged to Brittney it had been the only person based in the vehicle.

Brittney’s closest friend, Tiffany Bailey, told “Monster within the Shadows” that Brittney had purchased the gun for defense not lengthy before she disappeared.

“I have no idea if she first got it due to, like, what she would do or that which was happening or, like, happening on her to obtain the gun or anything like this,” she stated. “Maybe because she was small coupled with to safeguard herself, what she was protecting herself from, I do not know.” 

Brittney’s mother, Chessie Wood, told “Monster within the Shadows” that Donnie is discovered still gurgling bloodstream by his wife Wendy Holland as well as their friend Jennifer Gonzales Moore in regards to a mile from the primary road.

Donnie was transported to some local hospital, but later died in the wound. While in the hospital, Chessie told producers that Donnie had bags put on his hands to ensure that investigators would later have the ability to test for the existence of gunshot residue, however the bags were removed with no test ever being carried out.

“Generally, it’s four or five hrs till unpreserved gunshot residue is finished and, you realize, hands in bags it’s being preserved, and so i don’t realise why that wasn’t done even when they think it is an evident suicide,” stated Becca Manley, a personal investigator trying to find Brittney Wood.

Winberg confirmed in the series the test “was not conducted” since it wasn’t one done by the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences at that time.

Bucy, the firearms expert, stated brain matter and bone tissue might have also likely been embedded into his hands if he’d shot themself, but no test ended to find out that either.  

Bucy also asked within the docuseries the bizarre keeping the gunshot wound.

“If somebody really wants to make certain they will kill themselves and never survive it, they’re gonna typically obtain a bigger caliber and they’re gonna place it someplace from the body where they will become more assured it’s gonna do it’s job, which stated, they will get it done inside a more enjoyable or comfortable position,” he stated.

Regardless of the lingering questions surrounding Donnie’s dying, government bodies repeat the shooting remains considered a suicide.

“Given the bloodstream stain evidence within the vehicle and the position of the pistol, and also the entrance wound to his mind, it had been all in line with a self-inflicted gunshot wound,” Winberg stated.

Mack told in 2015 that government bodies also think that Brittney is dead—although what went down towards the 19-year-old remains a mysterious.

“All of individuals leads that could be adopted on happen to be up to now,” he stated. “It is our belief she’s deceased and her body continues to be hidden.”

For additional around the situation, watch “Monster within the Shadows,” streaming now on Peacock. 

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