Craig Morphew’s Kids Defend His Innocence In ‘Good Morning America’ Interview

The 2 adult kids of the Colorado man who was simply billed within the presumed dying of the missing mother stated within an interview that aired Friday that they’re standing behind him and don’t believe he’d anything related to her disappearance.

Craig Morphew pleaded for help finding Suzanne Morphew after she disappeared and it was reported missing on Mother’s Day in 2020 but he was arrested and billed with murder in her own dying along with other crimes this past year. He pleaded not liable and it was scheduled to visit trial recently, but prosecutors dropped the costs.

“We just become acquainted with our father much better than other people so we know he wasn’t involved with our mom’s disappearance,” Mallory Morphew told ABC’s “Good Morning America” within the interview, as her sister Macy nodded her head within an agreement. Craig Morphew sitting together, holding their hands.

“I really adore my women and that i love my spouse. Among the finest her found,” Craig Morphew stated of his wife.

It had been the very first time that Suzanne Morphew’s kids have spoken using the media concerning the allegations their father faced. Their comments come right before the 2nd anniversary of the mother’s disappearance in the couple’s home close to the mountain community of Maysville.

The prosecutors dropped the criminal charges against Craig Morphew after the court prohibited them from presenting many of their key witnesses in the trial as punishment for frequently neglecting to follow rules for generating evidence in Craig Morphew’s favor.

Evidence incorporated DNA from your unknown male associated with sexual assault cases in other states, that was present in Suzanne Morphew’s Sports utility vehicle, raising the potential of another suspect being involved.

In the courtroom filing asking to decrease the costs, Da Linda Stanley reported that disadvantage and also the ongoing look for Suzanne Morphew’s body as causes of shedding the situation. Prosecutors have the choice of filing charges against Craig Morphew later.

Stanley recently also announced that government bodies believe they are fully aware where Suzanne Morphew’s is — a place then included in deep snow close to the couple’s former home within the southern Colorado mountain tops. Weather has complicated looking but prosecutors and police force believe they’re near to locating the body, she stated within the April 19 court filing.

Macy Morphew stated in Friday’s interview that they wished Stanley does everything easy to find her mother.

“What they have done isn’t fair and we are not going to stop searching for the mother,” she stated.

Inside a statement to ABC, Stanley’s office stated that that prosecutors and police force “have been diligently trying to find Suzanne Morphew since she was reported missing” and keep doing so.

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