Craig Morphew’s Hands Were Covered In Cuts After His Wife Suzanne’s Disappearance, Investigator States

Craig Morphew’s hands were covered in cuts after his wife, Suzanne, disappeared this past year and investigators discovered an active round alongside her bed, based on new testimony during a preliminary hearing Monday.

Multiple investigators required the stand Monday to provide new details inside a situation which has ongoing to capture national attention after Suzanne disappeared Mother’s Day weekend of 2020.

Her husband, Craig, continues to be billed with first-degree murder, tampering with physical evidence, trying to influence an open servant, tampering having a deceased body and having a harmful weapon regarding the the disappearance and presumed dying of his wife.

Suzanne’s bike was discovered within 24 hours she was reported missing on May 10, 2020 abandoned in Maysville, Colorado, but there wasn’t any manifestation of the 49-year-old mother of two.

Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office Undersheriff Andy Rohrich testified Monday that whenever Craig showed up in the scene he cried “crocodile tears” or “fake tears,” based on Fox News.

Rohrich also testified that Craig had scratches to his upper left arm that appeared as if finger nail injuries, three abrasions or cuts which were scabbing over as well as other cuts on his hands. The injuries were apparently taken in photos taken soon after Suzanne had disappeared in the couple’s Colorado home.

Prosecutors believe she was likely wiped out on May 9, your day of her last communication, based on KCNC-TV.

Former FBI agent Johnathan Grusing testified that Suzanne sent your final message to some man she’d been getting cheating with around 2:17 p.m. that day—but never responded to his response or sent the person their usual night message, based on local media reports.

Craig told investigators he and Suzanne shared a steak dinner together that night, switched business phones, selected a hike coupled with sex.

But Grusing testified that investigators only found one plate and knife that were lately used, local station KMGH-TV reports. When faced using the discovery, Craig allegedly told government bodies that perhaps they’d shared the steak.

Investigators think that Craig wiped out Suzanne, in some way utilizing a tranquilizer gun along the way after finding a cap accustomed to cover the injecting needle of the tranquilizer within the dryer in their home, The Denver Publish reports.

Grusing testified that government bodies also found empty darts, a needle accustomed to inject the tranquilizer in to the darts along with a dart gun in the property.

Grusing accepted during mix-examination by defense attorney Dru Nielsen that there wasn’t any method to figure out how lengthy the cap have been within the dryer.  

Craig told investigators he used the tranquilizers to shoot deer to ensure that he might take their horns, but hadn’t used the gun since April 2020.

“It might have been within the wash, but it has nothing related to me,” Craig allegedly stated, based on Grusing’s testimony, KMGH-TV reports. “But see, I personally don’t like that because you will know makes me look bad.”

Rohrich testified that within the home, investigators also found an unspent .22-caliber covering alongside Suzanne’s side from the bed, although he didn’t provide any information regarding the way the discovery participate in investigators’ theory from the situation.

Additionally they found her Bible along with other books near the bed, but were not able to locate a journal she allegedly stored.

Based on Rohrich’s testimony, investigators discovered what made an appearance to become remains of the book’s binding inside a hearth in the home, based on the the local press.

Craig allegedly told police force officials the binding—and some fragments of paper also based in the fireplace—had become there since the couple have been cleaning up their filing cabinets.

Rohrich also thought that Craig had socialized oddly as he was permitted into the home with investigators to obtain a bit of his wife’s clothing to offer to specifically trained tracking dogs getting used to try and find Suzann

While inside, Rohrich stated Craig didn’t attempt to look around—even in the bed where he told government bodies he’d last seen his wife—or inquire.

“He’s not really attempting to call her phone,” he stated, based on the Denver Publish.

During mix-examination, defense attorney Iris Eytan attacked that portrayal by stating that Craig had simply been following a orders he was handed.

“He adopted the job as directed legally enforcement,” she stated.

Craig allegedly was adamant to investigators he didn’t know his wife was getting cheating and said excitedly if she’d wanted the divorce, he’d wrote her a cheque for 1 / 2 of the cash and “let her continue her way,” government bodies testified.

While speaking with investigators, Grusing testified that Craig had requested for immunity, saying “Can you allow me immunity basically sit and merely open my existence for you?” KMGH-TV reports.

The previous FBI agent required the statement to imply that he’d accept assist with the disappearance if he’d immunity within the situation.

Investigators also have testified that whenever departing his home in early stages the morning of May 10, 2020 Craig drove to Broomfield for income and made five separate stops to throw trash away in a variety of dumpsters.

Testimony within the preliminary hearing is anticipated to carry on on Tuesday.

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