Couple’s Counselor, Amber Heard’s Ex-Assistant Testify For The Actor-brad Pitt At Trial

An old personal assistant to Amber Heard stated she never saw the actress suffer any physical abuse as a result of then-husband The Actor-brad Pitt — but she stated Heard once spit in her own face when she requested for any greater salary.

Heard descended into screaming fits of blind rage, sent incoherent texts at 4 a.m. and it was frequently drunk and on illegal drugs, Kate James testified inside a video deposition which was performed in the court Thursday throughout the trial for Depp’s libel suit against Heard.

Depp, however, was very calm, almost shy, “just like a total Southern gentleman,” James stated.

The “Pirates from the Caribbean” actor has accused Heard about not directly defaming him in a 2018 opinion piece that they authored for that Washington Publish. Heard describes herself within the article like a “public figure representing domestic abuse.” The piece doesn’t name Depp. But his attorneys reason that it clearly references a restraining order that Heard searched for in May 2016, immediately after Depp informed her he wanted the divorce.

Depp denies mistreating Heard, but Heard’s lawyers say evidence will prove he did. The actor’s denials, they argue, lack credibility while he frequently drank and used drugs to begin blacking out and negelecting anything he did.

The recording testimony from James offered an inverse view: Depp was the peaceful one, she stated, while Heard was frequently intoxicated and verbally abusive, including to her very own mother and sister.

“Her poor sister was treated just like a dog that you simply kicked, essentially,” James stated.

James, who labored for Been told by 2012 to 2015, stated she was compensated “very poorly.” She stated she was hired by having an initial earnings of $25 an hour or so which her responsibilities ranged from obtaining Heard’s dry cleaning to speaking using the actress’s Hollywood agents.

James stated she also was given the job of obtaining two copies associated with a magazine that featured Heard and storing them in the spare room to avoid Depp from seeing them. Heard entered a “blind rage” when James unsuccessful to put the magazines in the spare room, James stated.

Regarding Heard and Depp’s time together, James stated Heard would be a “very dramatic person” who had been deeply insecure within the relationship. Heard frequently known as James to weep and complain about Depp, she stated.

“I remember once she known as me when she was alone in New You are able to City, and she or he was crying and travelling the roads,” James stated. She stated she told Heard to visit inside: “I had been worried the paparazzi usually takes a photograph of her.”

A few of the deposition centered on a text that Depp had delivered to James after he and Heard separate. Depp’s text read: “Come over for any place of crimson and we’ll fix her flabby ass nice good.”

An attorney requested if “spot of purple” meant wine and whether “her” meant Heard. James stated she did not wish to speculate.

“This may be the way he writes,” James stated of Depp. “It’s very random and also you don’t kind of question it. … He writes in an exceedingly abstract way.”

Lawyers also presented a relevant video deposition of Laurel Anderson, a couple’s counselor who labored with Heard and Depp in 2015, once they were ages 29 and 52, correspondingly.

Anderson stated both endured childhood abuse. Like a couple, these were involved in “mutual abuse,” she testified.

Heard’s father beat her, Anderson stated, adding, “It was an item of pride to her if she felt disrespected to initiate a battle.Inches

Heard would also prefer to be inside a grapple with Depp than see him leave, and “would strike him to help keep him there,” Anderson stated.

The counselor remembered a period when Heard informed her that Depp “was ‘stepping up,’ as she’d say, on lots of drugs.”

“And she slapped him while he had been incoherent and speaking about being with another lady,” Anderson stated. She noted that Depp’s mother is at a healthcare facility at that time.

Anderson stated Depp informed her that Heard “gave just like she got.” She also stated that in a minumum of one session by which she saw Heard alone, the actress informed her that Depp hit her. She stated Heard demonstrated her bruises, in photos and personally.

Anderson stated Heard also informed her that Depp at some point allegedly stated, “Nobody loves. You’re getting fame from me. I’m receding of affection along with you. You’re a whore.”

Anderson also stated that Heard’s “jackhammer type of talking” and practice of reducing Depp overwhelmed him.

Heard “wanted to wish to divorce” but additionally did not, and it was still working out how to proceed, Anderson stated. “She loved him. He loved her. She wasn’t stupid. She understood that the things they used to do wasn’t healthy.”

Both Depp and Heard are anticipated to testify in the trial in Fairfax County Circuit Court, scheduled for six days, together with actors Paul Bettany and James Franco and tech entrepreneur Elon Musk.

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