Condition Seeks Dying Penalty Against Former Oklahoma Attorney, Boyfriend For Each Other Triangular Triple Murder

Prosecutors are trying to find the dying penalty against an old defense lawyer who married certainly one of her clients after which allegedly participated with him within the murder of his ex-girlfriend and also the woman’s parents.

Okmulgee Da Carol Iski stated Keegan Kelley Harroz and Craig Roland Titus II, “should be punished by death” within the 2019 slayings of Titus’ ex-girlfriend Tiffany Eichor, and her parents, Jack and Evelynn Kaye Chandler, based on court papers filed a week ago and acquired by

Tiffany Eichor, 43, her 65-year-old father Jack Chandler and her 69-year-old mother Evelynn Chandler were wiped out by two masked shooters on Sept. 7, 2019, based on surveillance footage from the deadly incident. Prosecutors formerly divulged that they’d suspected Harroz and Titus were the 2 masked perpetrators in early stages within the analysis. 

Investigators mentioned that the vehicle “consistent” with Harroz’s 2010 Lexus was taken within the surveillance tracks in the property, The Oklahoman reported citing situation affidavits. Ballistics evidence, including AR-15 covering casings available at the scene, in addition to DNA also linked the pair towards the triple murder.

The pair allegedly cut the ability towards the family’s home just before transporting the coordinated number of executions.

During the time of the triple murder, Harroz — an old city attorney — was representing Titus inside a domestic abuse situation involving  Eichor, who’d accused him of strangling her. Eichor had also accused Titus of intimidating her family, KFOR-TV reported. The situation was open during the time of Eichor’s killing.

Prosecutors, who described the slayings as “heinous” and “cruel,” repeat the accused couple murdered Eichor so Titus could “avoid prosecution” around the domestic violence charges. Her parents were wiped out to hide her murder, prosecutors stated in the court records filed on March 28.

Evelynn Chandler “suffered mental anguish” until you are fatally shot, prosecutors stated, because, as she hid inside a closet of her home, the shooters “began firing gunshots striking and killing her husband, Jack Randall Chandler,” prosecutors added. Eichor, they stated, “endured serious physical abuse, torture and discomfort just before and throughout her death” which she, too “suffered mental anguish” because she “heard intruders go into the home she distributed to her parents and [they] started firing gunshots, striking and killing her parents, Jack Randall Chandler and Evelynn Kaye Chandler.”

The accused couple, who prosecutors referred to as married, started dating in 2017, the Oklahoman reported. 

Harroz continues to be barred from practicing law not less than 2 yrs. The previous city attorney had also formerly been billed with witness violence after she allegedly had narcotics — that was seen to be powdered sugar — grown at Eichor’s home in 2019, based on a pr release from police and prosecutors this past year.

A spokesperson for that 24th District Attorney’s Office didn’t immediately answer’s demands for comment concerning the pending situation on Monday mid-day. 

Titus and Harroz, who made an appearance in the court March 30, are presently being held without bail in an Okmulgee County detention center, based on online jail records acquired by Defense attorneys representing the pair were not able to become arrived at for comment now.

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