Chilling Trailer Explores The Depraved Mind Of ‘The Toolbox Killer,’ Not Far Off On Peacock

Through recorded telephone calls from dying row, among the infamous “Toolbox Killers” gives understanding of his sadistic mind within an approaching original documentary airing first on Peacock after which on Archiweekend.

The 2-hour special, appropriately entitled “The Toolbox Killer,” will feature serial killer Lawrence Bittaker speaking about his brutal crime spree “in their own words,” based on Peacock.

For five several weeks in 1979, Bittaker, together with Roy Norris, drove around California within an enhanced van they nicknamed “Murder Mac” searching for victims. The sadistic duo was equipped with a toolbox filled with pliers, ice picks, and sledgehammers they utilized on the teenager women they kidnapped. They raped, tortured, after which wiped out five in most: Lucinda “Cindy” Schaefer, 16 Andrea Hall, 18 Jacqueline Gilliam, 15 Jacqueline Leah Lamp, 13, and Shirley Lynette Ledford, 16.

Norris’ lack of ability to help keep his mouth shut, plus some ladies who were able to steered clear of the pair’s abduction attempts, eventually brought towards the pair’s arrest.

Before Bittaker, explained Peacock as “America’s most sadistic murderer,” died in 2019 on dying row waiting for his execution, he created a friendship with criminologist Laura Brand. 

“During the period of 5 years, Brand recorded her many conversations with Bittaker because he spoke from dying row about his methods and motives, supplying unique insights in to the mind of the criminal sadist,” Peacock states.

A number of these conversations are incorporated within the documentary. Commentary from survivors and also the relatives of victims, including individuals from the still missing Andrea Hall, will also be incorporated.

“He once stated in my experience, ‘Do you realize what it really seems like to really put an ice pick through somebody’s ear and never feel anything?” Brand recalls of Bittaker in a trailer for that approaching documentary.

She notes that for time she spoken with Bittaker each day.

Brand began corresponding with Bittaker and Norris in 2014. 4 years later, she traveled to San Quentin Prison, where Bittaker had been held on dying row, to talk with him personally. During her visit, he came her a roadmap of where he put a couple of his victims’ physiques and informed her where she may find a tape that taken one victim’s torture.

The 2-hour special, created by Mike Mathis Productions, will drop on Thursday, Sept. 23 on Peacock. It’ll air on Archiweekend on Sunday, March. 3.

For additional on Bittaker and Norris, including the way they were caught, take a look at Archiweekend’s digital evidence package around the Toolbox Killers.

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