Chicago Man Claims He’s ‘Lawful Justification’ For Killing Other Man With Hammer

An attorney representing a Chicago man charged with murdering another man having a hammer claims his client had “lawful justification” for doing this.

The general public defender attempted to argue having a judge in Prepare County on Tuesday their client Gregory Stamps, 31, should obtain a bond while he had “lawful justification” for allegedly beating 42-year-old David Castile to dying having a hammer over the past weekend, the Chicago Sun-Occasions reports.

The presiding judge, however, denied bond for Stamps, who has been billed with first degree murder for Castile’s dying, CWBChicago reports.

Castile’s body is discovered on Sunday whenever a resident of Stamp’s apartment building in Englewood neighborhood from the city observed a bloodstream trail inside a hallway. That trail of bloodstream brought towards the rear from the building and eventually a dumpster situated in an alley outdoors, prosecutors stated in the court . The victim was discovered near the dumpster, covered in bloodstream.

Prosecutors state that officials in this area saw Stamps inside a stairwell and the man was literally red-handed, covered in bloodstream.

Stamps allegedly first attempted to assert that Castile, whom he met in a club on Saturday night, fell lower the steps but, when officials threatened to place him inside a squad vehicle, he altered his story.

“I’m likely to be honest, he only agreed to be attempting to rape me,” he allegedly stated, based on the conversation recorded by body cams.

Stamps has since allegedly accepted to bludgeoning Castile within the mind multiple occasions having a hammer officials say they found a bloodstream-drenched bed mattress along with a bloody hammer in the apartment unit.

The Prepare County Medical Examiner’s office discovered that Castile have been struck 20-30 occasions within the mind coupled with defensive wounds on his arms and hands. Stamp, police stated, didn’t have injuries, but he allegedly had Castile’s wallet in the jean pocket.

This isn’t Stamps’ first bout of legal trouble. He pleaded guilty to attempted murder and irritated battery in 2013 — a situation by which also, he claimed self-defense — the sun’s rays-Occasions reports. He was lately released by himself recognizance for any misdemeanor battery charge captured while on parole for your incident.

Stamps arrives in court on May 16. 

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