Chet Hanks’ Ex Sues Him For $1M In Suit Alleging Abuse And Emotional Distress

Chet Hanks’ ex-girlfriend has sued the actor and music performer for $a million alleging assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress during several violent episodes between your pair.

Attorneys for Kiana Parker announced the suit against Hanks—whose famous parents are Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson—in a press conference Tuesday streamed by KTRK, citing a design of the items they referred to as “escalating erratic behavior” and domestic violence.

“This is all about domestic violence,” attorney Kevin Murray stated. “This is all about violence in rapport from a man and lady, a guy who psychologically and physically and psychologically battered Kiana Parker.”

Hanks’ has denied the abuse through his attorney Marty D. Singer, calling the claims “completely false, fabricated and imaginary.”

The suit, filed in Fort Bend County in Texas and acquired by, details disturbing allegations of abuse between your couple, who started dating in 2019 coupled with lived together before their split in The month of january, including an accidents in October as the couple was remaining in New Orleans for Hanks’ role within the Showtime’s “Your Recognition.”

The suit alleges that Hanks grew to become “aggressive and hostile” and started shoving and verbally mistreating Parker while their pair were within their accommodation.

Hanks allegedly told Parker that they shouldn’t disrespect him while he “was in charge.” The problem escalated when she told him she was departing your accommodation room, the documents condition.

“At that time, Defendant Hanks grabbed her with great pressure, by her right arm causing instant discomfort, defensively she began to flail,” the suit claims, adding that Hanks “pushed her with your pressure that Parker knocked over tables within the room.”

As she attempted to leave, the suit alleges that Hanks put a container at her and grabbed her with a backpack she was putting on and thrown her round the room, tearing the backpack and delivering her flying right into a table.

Hanks known as her a “ghetto black b—ch,” grabbed her phone and slammed it “into pieces” around the accommodation floor, the suit alleges.

Parker fled in to the hallway, but Hanks adopted plus they both got locked from the accommodation. The leading desk allow them to into the room, where Hanks allegedly threatened her to help keep silent.

He allegedly informed her he was “Chet Hanks and she or he wasn’t sh—, with no you might believe her, she only agreed to be a ghetto black b—ch,” the suit states.

Around 12 ,. 22 following the couple had came back for their Sugar Land, Texas home, Hanks threatened to “blow [Parker’s] brains out” and threatened to do a murder-suicide, the suit alleges.

Parker—a mother of two 9-year-old twins—became concerned and eventually made the decision to finish the connection at the begining of The month of january, based on the suit.

2 days later, around Jan. 8, Parker visited the Sugar Land home together with her assistant, movers along with a handyman to get rid of her possessions. While she was packing her things, Hanks grew to become “extremely aggressive,” following her at home and clashing with her “as if he were intentionally attempting to begin a fight,” the suit alleges.

“While Parker was packing in the kitchen area, Defendant Hanks put Parker in anxiety about imminent bodily injuries, as he selected up a knife and came at her,” the suit stated, adding that Parker grabbed a pot and thrown it at him.

She fled the home and went outdoors, as she started to record the alleged assault on her behalf mobile phone.

“Furious, Defendant Hanks tried to pressure the telephone from her by bending her wrist and tugging on her behalf, while manhandling her,” the suit alleges. “Once outdoors, Defendant Hanks pressed her from the cars while looking to get the telephone. Defendant wrestled and opened up Parker’s arms so that they can obtain the phone which had recorded his violent episode.”

Hanks allegedly kicked her legs, knocking her down after which “dragged her over the pavement.” A close motorist heard her screams and known as police. Hanks acquired charge of her mobile phone and destroyed it, the suit alleges.

Parker later guaranteed a safety order against him regarding the the incident.

Parker’s attorneys have contended the violent occurrences left her with “severe” emotional distress, physical impairment, “loss of delight of life” and lack of earnings.

Singer, Hanks’ attorney, has stated the claims are false and filed another suit against Parker with respect to his client recently in California.

For the reason that suit, Hanks alleges that Parker attacked him having a knife while she was leaving the house. He’s seen accusing her from the abuse, while bleeding from his mind, inside a video initially acquired by TMZ. 

For the reason that suit, acquired by People recently, Hanks accused Parker of thievery, assault and battery, and alleged that they had “stolen money from him to cover her travel expenses and travel expenses on her friend” together with rent money.

He stated your day she showed up to maneuver her things out she brought “three menacing large men,” one of whom were built with a gun, based on the suit.

His suit claims she “smashed [Hanks] within the face using the pot and cut him having a knife.”

“We think about the claims filed by Kiana Parker to become a shakedown,” Singer stated inside a statement to Thursday. “The suit filed by Ms. Parker is as a result of the attached suit filed by Chet Hanks against Ms Parker on March 4, 2021. The next day Chet Hanks faced Kiana Parker about stealing money from his charge card, while Ms. Parker was supported with a huge male transporting a gun she viciously attacked Chet which caused him to a lot bleed. It’s all on video and also the undisputed video informs the entire story. Her claims are totally false, fabricated and imaginary.” 

The suit comes just days following the 30-year-old released a raunchy audio video on social networking to accompany the current launch of his questionable clothing brand “White Boy Summer time,” CNN reports.

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