Charged Killer Indicted For 1982 Murder Of Lady Who Disappeared From Army Barracks

A charged killer was billed using the murder of the lady who disappeared from the Georgia military base in 1982.

Marcellus McCluster, 64, was indicted with a Chattahoochee County Grand Jury on March 28 for that murder of René Beginning Blackmore, 20, the Georgia Bureau of Analysis announced Thursday. Blackmore, who had been initially from Arizona, would be a U.S. Army private stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia when she disappeared 4 decades ago.

Blackmore was last seen departing her barracks on the way to Columbus, Georgia, on April 29, 1982, officials mentioned. Based on articles in the New You are able to Occasions printed that very same year, Blackmore would be a medic using the 197th Infantry Brigade and left the publish on the lent motorcycle. The up-and-coming servicewoman was days from a campaign and it was recognized by her commander at various stages throughout the subsequent analysis.

30 days after her disappearance, Blackmore’s wallet and sweater put together along the side of a Cusseta, Georgia road, some 15 miles away.

Her remains were eventually discovered on June 28, 1982, off a logging road a couple of miles south of Cusseta, based on the GBI. It had been determined she was shot to dying. 

During a news conference on Thursday, Assistant Da Kimberly Schwartz commented that Blackmore didn’t have the chance to reside out her dreams and goals.

“We realize that she could have been 59 years of age if she might have been around today,” stated Schwartz. “All of individuals things got extinguished with a blast from the cheap shotgun about two miles from the center of nowhere lower in south Chattahoochee County 4 decades ago.”

Marcellus McCluster was considered a “possible offender” inside the newbie from the homicide analysis, that was supervised through the GBI and also the U.S. Army Criminal Analysis Division, the GBI mentioned. It had been unclear why government bodies initially narrowed in on McCluster, however the situation fizzled out and continued to be cold for many years in the future.

In 2020, GBI Director Vic Reynolds established the GBI’s Cold Situation Unit and centered on Blackmore’s unsolved situation, enlisting the aid of the military, the Chattahoochee County Sheriff’s Office, and also the District Attorney’s Office, based on their release. 

Agents didn’t disclose what connected McCluster towards the 1982 crime scene many years later, but Schwartz stated they “look toward presenting that evidence in the court later this season.”

Schwartz also noted that there’s no time limit for murder. 

“There isn’t any expiration date with that type of evil,” she stated. 

GBI agents offered McCluster by having an arrest warrant for Blackmore’s murder near Augusta, where he’s presently serving a existence sentence to have an unrelated 1983 murder in Stewart County, based on the release. Little might be found concerning the 1983 murder, but prison records show the crime happened on Jan. 4, 1983.

Prior to the discovery of Blackmore’s body, her disappearance motivated sensitivity training concerning the way the Army’s Criminal Analysis Division worked using the relatives of slain soldiers, based on the New You are able to Occasions. Blackmore’s parents voiced concerns they didn’t place their daughter’s disappearance seriously. 

Blackmore seemed to be mistakenly listed like a deserter when she disappeared.

Days after she disappeared, two soldiers, whose names weren’t released, were asked once the friend who loaned Blackmore their motorcycle stated they found the soldiers using the helmet he given to Blackmore. The friend reported the happy couple to police before these were switched to military police. 

After Blackmore’s wallet and sweater were located, the 2 soldiers were susceptible to a polygraph test conducted through the U.S. Army, based on the New You are able to Occasions. They accepted to stealing the helmet in an arcade in Columbus soon after Blackmore disappeared.

It had been unclear if the soldiers were asked about Blackmore’s location. 

“Investigators felt that locating the helmet didn’t reveal any information which Blackmore had left against her will,” the military authored Blackmore’s parents inside a letter, based on the New You are able to Occasions. 

Blackmore’s parents announced the military was more committed to the thievery of the motorcycle than their daughter’s wellbeing. They’d attracted senators in Arizona when Secretary from the Army John O. Marsh Junior. stated he regretted not implementing Blackmore’s disappearance more seriously but maintained their investigative efforts “were reasonable.”

Blackmore’s mother, D Reitman, expressed her gratitude towards the GBI and individuals involved with finally locating a suspect, based on a prepared statement acquired by Fox 8 News.

“I have resided these 4 decades always feeling the discomfort her absence causes and believing nobody outdoors of her family and buddies even cared,” she authored. “It is by using a grateful heart that on March 28, 2022, this belief was proven to become false. … Nothing can provide René to me, however i do find solace in mastering these men cared enough to locate that justice.”

McCluster was indicted on a single count of malice murder and 4 alternate charges of legal murder. He’s scheduled to look for his arraignment on April 25.

Anybody with details are advised to make contact with the Georgia Bureau of Analysis or call 1-800-597-TIPS (8477). 

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