Charged Killer Dubbed ‘Hammer Killer’ In Prison For 1984 Rape And Murder Of Patricia Cruz

A violent Colorado man dubbed the “Hammer Killer” has been discovered responsible for a woman’s 1984 rape and murder.

Charged killer Alex Christopher Ewing, 61, was discovered guilty on Thursday for that murder of Patricia Cruz, 50, based on NBC affiliate KUSA. 

“We truly understand the jury’s service within this difficult situation, and our ideas are with your family of Patricia Cruz because they finally see justice on her terrible murder over 30 years ago,” Colorado First Judicial District Attorney’s Office stated inside a statement to “Today’s verdict is caused by significant efforts and dedication legally enforcement, scientists, the witnesses who testified, and our staff, without whom this outcome will not have been possible.”

As formerly reported, Cruz was discovered accurate Jan. 10, 1984, within the Lakewood condo she distributed to her daughter and grandchildren just west of Denver, Colorado. She’d been raped after which beaten to dying having a hammer.

Ewing was linked to Smith’s murder along with the 1984 murders from the Bennett family by DNA in 2018. In those days, Ewing was serving a 110-year sentence to have an unrelated attack in Henderson, Nevada he fought against extradition for 2 years before finally being used in Colorado in 2020 to manage in the two cases.

An Arapahoe County jury in August found Ewing responsible for the violent murders from the Bennett family, who have been wiped out just six days after Patricia Cruz. He was sentenced to 3 consecutive existence terms for the reason that situation.

Bruce Bennett, 27, and Debra Bennett, 26, were beaten to dying having a claw hammer within the Aurora home they distributed to their two youthful kids. Their oldest daughter, Melissa, 7, was raped and beaten to dying. The youngest child, age 3, seemed to be sexually assaulted and beaten but narrowly survived the attack despite sustaining existence-threatening injuries.

District Judge Tamara Russell permitted the jury in Ewing’s trial for Smith’s murder to listen to concerning the Bennett killings after prosecutors contended it provided understanding of the killer’s modus operandi.

Thursday’s guilty verdict came following a week-lengthy trial that largely focused on semen collected from Smith’s body, nearby carpeting as well as on a blanket accustomed to cover her body, based on KUSA. Ewing’s defense expressed doubt over how government bodies had handled the physical evidence twenty six years ago, years before Paternity testing.

Additionally they elevated questions concerning the fact that Ewing’s DNA wasn’t available on other products that one might expect the killer in the future into physical contact, such as the murder weapon and Smith’s boots and purse, KUSA reported. Prosecutors remedied the defense’s concerns everything about the the killer might have worn mitts.

Ultimately, the jury charged Ewing of first-degree murder, legal murder-robbery, and legal murder-sexual assault in Smith’s situation.

The Cruz and Bennett murders had continued to be unsolved for a long time until 2013, when Nevada condition law started to want that felons — no matter once they committed their crimes — submit their DNA towards the CODIS system.

As formerly reported, Ewing isn’t likely to be attempted in a number of other attacks he’s suspected of transporting in the Denver area surrounding the same time frame because the Cruz and Bennett murders. Certainly one of individuals occurrences would be a home invasion on Jan 4. 1984, where a guy nearly beat a sleeping couple to dying having a hammer.

5 days next attack, Cruz, a flight ticket attendant, was viciously beaten, raped and left for dead in their garage. She was discovered, deceased, the very next day.

Under not much later, Ewing murdered the Bennett family.

“I have experienced all sorts of evil and wickedness … nothing compares to the stage of depravity that the actions show within this situation,” stated Judge Darren Vahle at Ewing’s sentencing in August for that Bennett murders. “There isn’t any punishment that’s too harsh for you personally.”

“I’ll try everything within my capacity to make certain you won’t ever draw a totally free breath again,” he added.

Soon after the Bennett murders, government bodies arrested Ewing in Kingman, Arizona, for entering a man’s home and beating him having a slab of granite. That victim survived the attack.

Because of overcrowding in Arizona, Ewing occured in a detention center in Utah before his trial.

In August 1984, Ewing was on the way to Arizona once the deputies transporting him stopped in Henderson, Nevada for any rest room break and that he steered clear of. That very night, Ewing broke into another home in Nevada and beat a few by having an ax handle, nearly killing them.

He was arrested 2 days later and spent the following 30 years in Nevada’s prison system before DNA connected him towards the Cruz and Bennett murders in 2018.

Ewing’s conviction within the Cruz situation uses a mistrial was declared throughout an earlier court in October once the defense filed a motion for any competency hearing. It had been unclear what actions precipitated the unpredicted ruling Ewing was discovered qualified to stand trial 30 days later.

Ewing is scheduled to become sentenced for Smith’s murder on April 12.

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