Caretaker Couple Indicted For Suspected Murder Of Missing Toddler

A Virginia couple continues to be formally billed with murder regarding the a 3-year-old girl who had been place in their care.

On Tuesday, investigators in Augusta County, Virginia — just west of Charlottesville — announced that Candi Royer, 42, and Travis Brown, 30, have both been indicted with irritated and legal murder for that presumed dying of three-year-old Khaleesi Cuthriell.

Cuthriell’s biological mother, Amanda G. Arey, had place the child within the couple’s care in October 2020, just days prior to starting a prison sentence for violating probation, based on the News-Leader. By Feb 2021, “she vanished,” based on the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office.

In August 2020, Brown was billed with assault and battery for allegedly attacking Royer after she tried to get the order of protection against him, the News-Leader reported.

Royer ended up being reported missing by her family on Sept. 3, and also the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office released an announcement announcing her status, indicating that they may be with Brown. The very next day, “Khaleesi’s mother reported that Khaleesi is at the proper care of Candi Royer and Travis Brown,” Augusta County Sheriff Jesse Cruz stated on Tuesday.

Investigators have suspected the pair of killing the kid since Sept. 12, once they were arrested 250 miles away at Knights Inn motel in South Greensburg, Pennsylvania — just outdoors of Pittsburgh. 

On Sept. 20, Virginia Condition Police search and recovery vehicles were seen in a property in Waynesboro where Royer and Brown had resided and, the very next day, police announced Khaleesi’s dying, though her body wasn’t retrieved.

“Investigators in the sheriff’s office and also the Virginia Condition Mother and father interviewed both suspects in the last week,” an announcement from police stated on Sept. 21. “The analysis has revealed Khaleesi Cuthriell died whilst in the proper care of Travis Brown and Candi Royer.”

Additionally they stated that Royer wasn’t missing in September, as her family reported, but alleged “it’s been determined that they would be a willing participant with Brown within their crime spree over the Commonwealth of Virginia and into Pennsylvania.” Brown have been billed with carjacking, strangulation, grand larceny and breaking and entering during the time of his extradition from Pennsylvania, based on the News Leader, additionally towards the legal child abuse charges both faced in those days.

Cuthriell’s body has still not been found it isn’t exactly obvious how investigators believe she was wiped out.

Additionally to murder, the pair has been billed with unlawfully concealing a defunct body, conspiracy to commit irritated murder, conspiracy to commit child abuse and conspiracy to hide a defunct body. Brown has additionally been charged with child abuse and neglect.

It isn’t obvious if either Royer or Brown have lawyers.

“When harm involves a young child within this community, we’ll leave nothing unturned,” Cruz stated .

In the press conference, he stated could not discuss further information on the situation.

“These individuals are gonna to become attempted eventually, and it is vital in my experience that … the integrity of this trial is simply unimpeachable,” he stated.

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