‘Can I Mutilate The Body?’ Teen Texts Before Helping Her Die By Suicide

16-year-old Jchandra Brown, who resided in Spanish Fork, Utah, about 50 miles from Salt Lake City, was referred to as “Jelly” because she loved Jelly Belly chocolate. Family and buddies loved her sweet and bubbly personality.

Brown had another side to her, however, and it was vulnerable to depression. On May 6, 2017, a poultry hunter inside a wooded area in Payson Gorge found a youthful lady hanging from the noose produced from white-colored nylon rope. 

Answering the hunter’s 911 call, police confirmed the girl was dead. Near her ft would be a mobile phone, canned air, which may be inhaled for any euphoric high, along with a fast-food restaurant name tag. The badge read: Jelly.

The deceased victim was recognized as Jchandra Brown, whose mother had reported her missing to police the night time before. Government bodies removed the hunter like a suspect and believed the situation would be a “self-inflicted homicide,” they told “Accident, Suicide or Murder,” airing  Saturdays at 7/6c on Archiweekend.  

An entry inside a notebook present in a bag close to the body supported the idea. “My name is Jchandra Brown,” she authored, adding that they hated her existence. She left instructions to look at a relevant video on her behalf mobile phone, that was also in the scene. 

Police wished the video provides some solutions concerning the teen’s final moments. Since the battery didn’t have juice, officials needed to recharge it to discover the shocking truth. 

When they anxiously waited, they found that inside a sack close to the body there is an invoice for that white-colored cord. You purchased it , on May 5 by 18-year-old Tyerell Przybycien, who, detectives learned, was the victim’s friend. 

As investigators urgently attempted to find him, Przybycien walked up to and including Utah County Sheriff’s official in the scene “in tears. He stated he’d selected the lady up at her fast-food job and drove her towards the gorge where she wiped out herself,” reported in August 2017. 

After powering up Brown’s phone, Sgt. Quin Fackrell, an investigator using the Utah County Sheriff’s Office, was shocked in what he saw. Within the video Brown is seen huffing a success of canned air, fainting, and dying. 

She wasn’t alone. She had been requested questions by the pack leader recording her last moments. “I just felt something wasn’t right,” Fackrell told producers. “This person filming is making comments to her. Why isn’t he doing something to assist her?”

As officials labored the situation they learned Brown had written instructions to her mother, explaining and apologizing on her suicide. Brown did contribute in her own dying. 

But sheriffs grappled with Przybycien’s part. If he helped her die by suicide, made it happen constitute a criminal offense? In 2017, Utah didn’t have law against aided suicide.

Within an interview with officials, Przybycien accepted he felt guilty. 

“He told us he came back towards the crime scene to gather the noose,” stated Sgt. Josh Chappell, former investigator from the Utah County’s Sheriff’s Office. “He wanted it as being a trophy.” 

At that time government bodies determined that they probable cause, based on Ryan McBride, deputy attorney, Utah County Attorney’s Office. Przybycien was booked around the charges of murder and reckless endangerment.

To construct their situation, investigators dug deep in to the relationship between your suspect and also the victim. Buddies from the teens told officials they two shared a good, if inexplicable, bond. One friend told producers that Brown had “a large amount of depression” and Przybycien “had twisted habits.”

Another witness told government bodies that Przybycien and Brown were built with a pact. She’d finish her existence, then he’d perform the same factor.

Government bodies centered on Przybycien’s digital trail — emails, texts, social networking posts — to look for indications of premeditation in Brown’s dying. A design emerged.

Przybycien’s texts about Brown’s suicide started in The month of january 2017 and grew to become more frequent within the days and days before May 6, McBride told producers.

Within an exchange 17 days before this, Przybycien texted: “What you need to do should you understood a buddy was attempting to commit suicide?” the Washington Publish reported in 2017. The friend responded, “Talk them from ut [sic].”

“‘The factor is,’” Przybycien responded, the report ongoing, “I wanna help kill them. It’s awesome. Seriously im likely to help her. Its like avoiding with murder! . . . I’m seriously not joking. It’s going lower within one or two weeks.Inches

“There wasn’t any doubt that Jchandra had the ultimate part of destruction,” Chad Grunander, deputy attorney, Utah County Attorney’s Office, told producers. “And that that’s what ultimately had caused her dying, but there is an issue whether Tyerell Przybycien was criminally accountable for assisting to make the dying of Jchandra Brown.”

Investigators understood he had bought the rope, tied the noose, and introduced her towards the place where she’d die. Przybycien had also done online investigation into methods to die by suicide, he told investigators.

As detectives went further into Przybycien’s texts, shocking communications been revealed. In a single, they told producers, he requested Brown, “Can I mutilate the body and reduce your mind off and dump it elsewhere?”

Additionally to charges of reckless endangerment and desecration of the body, Przybycien was booked for murder.

In October 2017, Przybycien pleaded not liable to charges. But after prosecutors found that he’d written letters from jail telling a buddy to not cooperate with government bodies, Przybycien seemed to be billed with witness tampering. 

“The balance from the situation altered,” stated Grunander.

Przybycien and the attorneys desired to negotiate. On October 23, 2018, he pleaded guilty to child abuse homicide, an initial degree legal having a lower minimum sentence. He was sentenced to 5 many years to existence in prison. 

Brown’s mother told producers she’d exist when Przybycien faces the parole board. “My daughter is finished,” she stated. “My heart is finished.Inches

To understand more about the situation, watch “Accident, Suicide or Murder” on Saturdays at 7/6c on Archiweekend, and stream episodes about other cases here.

Written by Stephanie Green

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