California Mother Arrested In Mexico On Her Husband’s Murder Nearly Seven Years After Going On The Move

A California mother who went on the move nearly seven years back after government bodies say she fatally shot her husband continues to be arrested in Mexico.

Leticia Cruz, 40, is presently being held in the West Valley Detention Focus on a $two million bond after investigators relaunched the analysis in to the dying of her husband, Antoine Cruz, late this past year determined her residing in Rosarita, Mexico, based on an announcement in the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office.

Leticia is suspected of killing her Cruz, 35, in the couple’s Victorville home in 2015.

The sheriff’s office received multiple calls on May 10, 2015 from individuals concerned they hadn’t been told by Antoine in a number of days. His buddies and coworkers also reported receiving texts from his phone that didn’t appear like his “messaging style,” government bodies stated.

The following day, military services weapons person’s report was filed using the Victorville Sheriff’s Station.

On May 12, 2015, deputies visited the family’s the place to find conduct a welfare check determined Antoine dead within the home. He’d been shot “multiple” occasions.

Investigators identified his wife, Leticia, because the suspect within the slaying, however they were not able to locate her determined “evidence” that they had fled to Mexico using the couple’s two children, who have been 8- and 4-years-old at that time.

Soon after she disappeared, Leticia’s mother—who requested to not be identified—told local station KNBC that her daughter had informed her she’d felt held in the wedding. She described Antoine’s dying like a tragedy, but stated she felt it absolutely was caused by an unsatisfied marriage.

The couple’s neighbor Stacee Harold also reported the pair quarrelling shortly prior to the murder.

“My heart almost stopped (after i discovered he was dead),” she told the opening. “Because they haven’t seen him and also the before I saw him it had been a battle. … I may be the 4g iphone to determine this individual contrary has became of him.”

Another neighbor told KNBC he heard a loud noise from the couple’s house prior to the body is discovered.

“We heard just like a shotgun blast set off,” Osvaldo Macias stated.

For a long time, Leticia, that has dual citizenship in Mexico and also the U . s . States, continued to be on the move.

In December of 2021, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office cold situation homicide team reopened the analysis and started dealing with Mexican government bodies. They found Cruz residing in Rosarita, Mexico coupled with her arrested with an extraditable warrant for that murder.

Leticia was taken into child custody without incident and investigators stated her children were also found safe.

She was taken into child custody through the U.S. Marshals Service on March 4, and it was later transported towards the West Valley Detention Center, where she’s presently being held.

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