California Man Who Fatally Stabbed Co-Worker, Man’s Roommate Qualified For Dying Penalty

A California man who stabbed two recent college graduates to dying at a condominium a week ago could face the dying penalty, officials stated.

Prosecutors announced Friday upgraded murder charges were filed again Ramy Hany Mounir Fahim, 26, who’s accused within the fatal knife attacks on his 23-year-old co-worker, Griffin Cuomo and Cuomo’s roommate, 23-year-old Jonathan Bahm. Both put together slain within their Anaheim apartment on April 19.

Fahim is billed with two counts of murder, and 2 enhancements for laying in wait, multiple murders and also the personal utilization of a deadly weapon. The special conditions charges of laying in wait make Fahim qualified for capital punishment.

Both victims had lately graduated with levels within their particular fields from Chapman College, officials stated. A spokesperson for that Oc District Attorney’s Office on Monday described the double murder like a “horrifically sad situation.”

“These youthful men were just beginning to reside out their dreams and discover their places on the planet,” Oc Da Todd Spitzer stated inside a statement a week ago. “But an burglar who stalked them after which slashed these to dying in their own individual home interrupted individuals dreams.”

“The callous method in which two youthful lives were ended can’t be overlooked and we’ll try everything we are able to to make sure justice is offered,” he added.

On April 19, police taken care of immediately a 911 call around 6:30 a.m. at Cuomo and Griffin’s apartment on Katella Avenue in Anaheim. Upon arrival, officials found the 2 roommates have been stabbed to dying. Fahim seemed to be located within the dwelling and arrested.

Detectives, however, suspect Griffin and Bahm were wiped out up to five hrs earlier. Roughly an hour or so prior to the double killing — at roughly night time — a burglar guard spotted Fahim on the top from the apartment complex. He ended up being seen roaming the halls from the apartment after night time before the physiques were found.

The official motive hasn’t been released. Government bodies stated Fahim and Griffin labored together in a wealth management company in Oc.

Bahm, an engineering student, and Cuomo, a communications major, both finished Chapman College in May 2021, a spokesperson for that school stated.  

“I am heartbroken to talk about that two recent graduates of Chapman College were tragically wiped out now while in their home in Anaheim,” Executive V . P . and Chief Advancement Officer Matt Parlow stated inside a statement sent on Monday. “On account from the college, I wish to extend our greatest condolences towards the family, buddies and up to date classmates of Griffin Cuomo and Jonathan Bahm, who both finished Chapman this past May.” 

Condolences have since put in from professors and fellow students, too, after news from the youthful mens’ deaths spread on campus.

“I found that I possibly could rely on Jonathan to appear to each class together with his camera on, produce a grin along with a wave after i welcomed the category, and humor me by a minimum of pretending to laugh inside my bad jokes,” Dr. Erik Linstead, the Affiliate Dean for that Fowler School of Engineering stated inside a statement regarding Bahm’s abrupt dying. 

Bahm seemed to be considered like a “capable computer researcher,” the affiliate engineering dean stated.

“But I’ll remember him as somebody who made your time and effort to exhibit me kindness after i needed it most,” Linstead added. “My ideas are together with his family, buddies, and everybody whose lives were created better by getting him take part in it.”

Cuomo, who received a senior STAR award for his academic contributions upon his graduation this past year, seemed to be memorialized like a driven student having a “fun personality.” 

“He is someone who is really diligent and who doesn’t quit once the going will get tough but simply works harder, and it is always searching to understand and improve and push themself,” Sara Labelle, Assistant Dean for that School of Communication stated of Cuomo inside a 2021 video honoring him. “He inspires the folks around him together with his work ethic with his positive attitude.”

Prosecutors haven’t yet indicated whether or not they will really seek capital punishment within the double murder after filing enhanced charges against Fahim.

The 26-year-old has been held without bail in an Oc detention facility, based on online jail records acquired by His next court date is placed for May 6. Fahim hasn’t yet joined a plea on his account, prosecutors stated. It’s unclear if he’s retained a lawyer.

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