California Man Mysteriously Disappears After Texting 911 During Mid-day Uber Ride

A California man disappeared after delivering a text to 911, and the buddies and family are wishing to solve the mysterious disappearance.

Love Mann, 39, was last seen November. 30 after an Uber had dropped him off in a 7-Eleven on Ventura Boulevard in La.

Security footage shows Mann departing the shop at 2:06 p.m. transporting huge backpack, his purchases in the convenience store, along with a bag of ice, based on The Worchester Telegram &amp Gazette.

Under ten minutes following the footage taken him departing the shop, Mann sent a text to 911 that indicated he is at an Uber, but provided not one other information.

La Officer Jill Calhoun, who’s investigating the situation, confirmed to “Dateline” the LAPD received a 911 text from Mann that mid-day, NBC News reports.

Based on her, “several attempts were created to make contact with [him] via that correspondence,” but Mann never responded.

“The Uber is certainly being investigated,” she stated, declining to supply any more details apart from to state there were “pending search warrants” within the situation to obtain mobile phone records and Gps navigation data. arrived at to police but didn’t get an immediate response.

It’s unclear what went down to Mann within the hrs or days that adopted.

When Jason Abate, a guy who described themself as Mann’s fiancé, was not able to achieve him for a few days, he known as police to request a welfare check. Abate, who resides in Michigan, told “Dateline” he was told that somebody local will have to go meet police at Mann’s apartment, so he arranged for Mann’s assistant to satisfy the officials.

Once they went within the apartment while using assistant’s key, they found no manifestation of the missing man along with a formal missing persons report was filed on 12 ,. 4.

Abate had spoken with Mann following the latter came back from the Thanksgiving visit with family on November. 29 and noted that nothing appeared unusual throughout the conversation.

“He explained he loved me, and that he desired to adopt kids with me,” Abate stated. “That was the final message I ever got from him.”

The following morning, Mann’s mother Amy Mann told Telegram &amp Gazette, Mann headed to some local cafe by walking to operate on his business, an application referred to as Sober Grid.

The application — that they had known as his “baby” — helped individuals recovery find nearby sources or conferences to assist them to maintain sobriety.

Abate stated Mann had battled with substance use themself earlier in the existence and desired to help others.

“I shouldn’t seem excessively dramatic but he’s type of altered the planet,” he stated.

Abate believes Mann’s disappearance is related to that particular Uber ride and stated that, while searching through Uber records, he observed the trip have been ended at 2:35 p.m. at Berkeley Street in Santa Monica, although he stated nobody saw Mann in the location.

“That should make everyone nervous,” he stated.

But Calhoun stated, regardless of the text to 911, police don’t suspect foul participate in the disappearance at this time within the analysis.

An agent in the ride discussing application has additionally told “Dateline” that no incident attached to the ride was ever reported to the organization.

In addition, there’s some discrepancy in reports about Mann’s dating existence during the time of his disappearance. While Abate told “Dateline” the pair decided to obtain married in June 2022, Mann’s mother told the neighborhood paper in The month of january that they believed her boy had ended a lengthy-term relationship shortly before his disappearance.

She stated during the time of his disappearance, she believed her boy was said to be meeting track of an acquaintance named Blake Brown.

Brown — who described his relationship with Mann as “friends…with benefits” — told the paper he’d done some work with Mann and from time to time remained in the apartment. He stated Mann had arrived at to him after coming back from Texas, but he is at Vegas at that time and that he never was in a position to interact with uncle.

“I’m wishing that he’s just travelling crazy,” he stated.

Individuals who know Mann are actually advocating police to carry on to look for Mann, who they feel could are in danger.

“I would like to know where he’s,” Abate stated. “Please, somebody, possess a heart.”

Based on the La Police  Mann has been referred to as being 5’10” tall, weighing 220 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes.

Anybody with details about his location is advised to the la Police Department’s missing persons unit at (213) 996-1800. After business hrs or weekends tipsters can call (877) 527-3247.

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