California Lady Escapes New Boyfriend Who Allegedly Held Her Captive For Around Per Month

A California lady has steered clear of captivity after government bodies say her boyfriend held her against her will and tortured her for many days.

On Saturday, deputies using the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office arrested 29-year-old Saul Ortega after he allegedly kidnapped and tortured his new girlfriend, based on a pr release. The victim, a 25-year-old lady from Modesto who is not named, reported that Ortega held her against her will for around per month.

Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Sgt. Erich Layton told that the happy couple had only dated a short time.

“It may sound enjoy it was roughly two several weeks that they been seeing each other,” stated Layton. 

Deputies using the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office contacted Stanislaus County around 1:30 a.m., requesting government bodies execute a welfare check. Based on deputies, they found the victim after she steered clear of Ortega on Thursday.

“She had been steered clear of as well as in a secure location when she known as the sheriff’s office in Fresno,” Layton told “That was to evaluate her family people because Mr. Ortega had threatened her along with other family people of hers.”

The victim was transported for an area hospital where she was treated for “extensive” injuries to her body, based on the sheriff’s office.

Sgt. Layton claimed that a few of the victim’s injuries were “very nasty,” citing respect for that victim and also the ongoing analysis as explanations why these were withholding more specific details.

“She’d injuries, basically, mind to foot,” Layton told “She’d severe burn marks across her body. It seems Mr. Ortega was using different objects … he would warm up and burn her with.”

Based on the pr release, investigators in the Crimes Against Person Unit required within the situation with the aid of the SWAT Team, Special Investigations Unit, Crime Scene Analysis Unit, and also the Unmanned Aerial System Team.

The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office published a relevant video of Ortega’s capture using their pr release once the team showed up at Ortega’s residence around 8:45 a.m. for everyone an arrest warrant. Government bodies arrested Ortega, plus an seniors female, who had been arrested but later released after cooperating with investigators.

Layton told that was lady briefly put into their child custody was Ortega’s mother. 

Government bodies stated there’s “need to believe Ortega might have victimized others.”

Layton confirmed this with

“Not in this same time-frame which this specific victim had been held against her will, but maybe there [were] other cases of things such as this … before this incident occurring along with other females,” stated Layton. “Sooner or later, some statements were created by differing people that brought investigators to think that perhaps there might be other victims.”

Stanislaus County Sheriff Shaun Dirske published about Ortega’s arrest on Facebook.

“Our heart is out towards the victim of the heinous crime,” stated Dirske. “But I’m happy with the job they did to arrest [the] suspect!”

Ortega was arrested on charges of kidnapping, false jail time, rape, torture, mayhem, domestic violence, criminal threats, having cocaine using the intent to market, and as a felon owning a gun, based on the news release. He’s being held in the Stanislaus County Public Safety Focus on $a million bail.

Anybody with information associated with Ortega along with other possible victims is advised to make contact with Detective D. Gonzalez at (209) 595-8686 or Crime Stoppers at (209) 521-4636.  

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