California Billed In Wife’s Dying Nearly 5 Years After She Disappeared

A California man continues to be arrested regarding the the 2016 disappearance of his wife.

Eddy Reyes, 35, is facing federal charges of kidnapping leading to dying within the Santa Ana disappearance of his wife, Claudia Sanchez Reyes. The 21-year-old vanished May 6, 2016 after departing her workplace, based on an announcement in the U . s . States Attorney’s Office Central District of California.

The criminal complaint within the situation acquired by, claims that Claudia’s coworkers had heard her fighting together with her husband shortly before he selected her up from her job at El Pollo Loco inside a rented Sports utility vehicle.

The coworker told government bodies that Eddy, an worker from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, later apologized throughout the call and convinced Claudia to visit out dancing with him that night.

Rather of taking her dancing, government bodies alleged that Eddy required her to the house of his mother, Maria Orellana, and wiped out her, based on the court papers.

Investigators say Claudia was taken on surveillance video on May 6 departing the couple’s apartment together with her 4-year-old boy who she delivered at her mother-in-law’s apartment on her behalf method to work. She’s not seen ever reentering the apartment.

Eddy reported his wife missing to Santa Ana Police four days later.

Investigators have said that Orellana “hated Claudia” and when informed her that “she and Reyes could kill Claudia and take her child,” based on the criminal complaint.

Detectives found a small amount of her bloodstream within the rented Sports utility vehicle her husband was driving your day she disappeared. Based on investigators, a cadaver dog also established that a defunct body have been within the vehicle.

The pair had past alleged domestic abuse transported out by Eddy, who’d introduced his youthful wife towards the U . s . States from El Salvador after meeting her on a holiday. They started an intimate relationship when she was 16-year-old, government bodies stated.

During the period of their relationship, investigators stated he’d made “several threats to kill her.”

Claudia acquired temporary restraining orders against him in 2014 and 2016, based on the affidavit.

“Reyes physically and psychologically mistreated Claudia,” the criminal compliant states.

One time, government bodies stated Eddy allegedly compensated a complete stranger $300 to steal his wife’s phone since it had “incriminating evidence about him that may ruin his career.”

He later requested exactly the same person to plant cocaine on his wife, government bodies allege.

In her own application for that 2016 restraining order removed against her husband, Claudia had stated she was afraid on her existence.

“I am frightened that my hubby will hurt our boy, me and/or themself. He’s very violent and it has a fast temper when things don’t go his way,” she authored.

She recounted an accidents in a laundrymat where he allegedly struck her, departing a “noticeable bruise” after she didn’t remember to create the laundrymat card.

She also stated she’d decided to dismiss the very first restraining order removed in 2014 because Reyes “threatened to consider their boy and kill themself if she didn’t dismiss the restraining order,” she authored, adding that they have been afraid on her boy.

A coworker described Claudia as “anxious and distracted” at the time she disappeared. 

Dads and moms that adopted individuals who understood Claudia, including her mother, reported receiving strange texts saying she was “sleeping around” coupled with met someone and planned to maneuver to New You are able to because she “no longer loved her boy or Reyes,” government bodies stated.

Individuals who received the messages thought these were suspicious because she would be a “devoted” and “over-protective” mother.

If charged of causing her death Reyes could face the dying penalty or existence imprisonment without parole.  

He’s presently being held without bond and it is scheduled to become arraigned around the charges against him on Monday.

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