Bronx Mother And Her 6-Year-Old Daughter Wiped out By Boyfriend In Suspected Murder-Suicide

A Bronx mother and her six-year-old daughter were wiped out inside a knife attack transported by the woman’s boyfriend who later died by suicide, police sources stated today.  

Gabrielle Muniz, 26, and her daughter Rozara Estvez put together stabbed to dying within their Bronx home on March 5, based on the New You are able to City Police Department. Her boyfriend, Caleb Duberry, who’s suspected from the murders, subsequently wiped out themself, based on the New You are able to City Police Department.

Government bodies found the 26-year-old mother and her daughter unresponsive and struggling with stab wounds at her residence within the 4000 block of Monticello Avenue throughout a wellness check shortly before night time on Saturday. The happy couple were later pronounced accurate-scene by emergency responders.

Muniz’s boyfriend, 34-year-old Caleb Duberry, was later found dead in the north Bronx property at 3475 Bivonia Street. Duberry’s official cause and types of dying wasn’t immediately released by police, pending an autopsy.

The Brand New You are able to City Office from the Chief Medical Examiner did not immediately react to on Tuesday regarding inquiries associated with suspected murder-suicide analysis.

The household from the slain Bronx mother and child are actually reeling in the violent and sudden deaths.

“It’s this type of tough pill to swallow,” her sister, Gisselle Denise Muniz, told “Gabrielle am filled with existence, we performed together within our subterranean garage playroom in Italia, we made stupid dance videos, sang together to loud music within my vehicle on Wendy’s runs, allow me to do her makeup for any video contest, and it was just my lifelong closest friend,” “We contended like siblings, composed, performed together, we shared mothering sunday. She was my rock.”

The grieving 32-year-old stated her sister also loved jet skiing, shopping, and “being goofy” with family people. She described the Bronx mother as “beautiful inside and outside.”

“She was my example, my pal — so intelligent and driven,” Gisselle Muniz stated. “I understand what she’d have wanted for me personally, and it is to become strong, which I’ll try my favorite to complete, in order to reside in her and Rozara’s recognition.”

Gisselle Muniz also stated her sister’s slain daughter is going to be appreciated like a “literal beam regarding.”

“It was the start of an attractive chapter in Rozara,” Gisselle Muniz added. “She was the daughter Irrrve never had, and my sons were so fortunate to possess enjoyed this type of wonderful time using their cousin Rozara, although short. My sister was an incredible lady raising what we should all understood would be also an incredible youthful lady.”

Gabrielle Muniz’s mother also described her daughter like a dedicated single mom, who had been “smart, sweet, and innocent.” Muniz graduated like a valedictorian, her family stated.

“My daughter was an amazing person,” Yanik Rocha, Muniz’s mother, told on Monday. “She would be a single mom, without any the aid of the daddy. She would be a hard worker as well as an inspiration for those.”

The household, who stated Muniz and Duberry’s relationship became strained in recent several weeks, are adamant the slaying was fueled by efforts to depart him.

“I did not like him, and that i told Gabrielle that,” Rocha added. “In my opinion, and i’ll don’t know, since the coward wiped out themself, but she most likely told him she ended. This most likely happened because she told him it had been over.”

No more information was offered by police force now. The situation remains open and active.

Duberry was on parole during the time of the alleged murder-suicide. He’d formerly been arrested on gun possession, assault, and robbery charges.

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