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Bodycam Footage Shows Dying Of Unarmed Father During Powerful Restraint By Police

City officials released the troubling body camera footage of police fatally restraining a 26-year-old unarmed man in Alameda, California a week ago.  

Mario Gonzalez, 26, died in police child custody on April 19 after he was faced inside a park by city officials. Body camera footage from the incident is made public on Tuesday. 

It, which spans nearly an hour or so, shows police questioning the Oakland man inside a park. He seems possibly confused and disoriented. The encounter escalated after police requested Gonzalez’s identification, in addition to his name and birthdate.

“Hey mister, we shouldn’t waste your time and effort, we would like to make certain you’re okay,” one policeman told Gonzalez, based on body camera footage from the incident reviewed by

Officials later looked Gonzalez and physically escorted him from the park. At some point, Gonzalez seems to yank from officials.

“Mario, you shouldn’t resist us, okay?” a police officer informs him.

Gonzalez was ultimately taken down as a minimum of two officials wrestled to restrain him.

“Just keep him pinned lower,” a police officer states.

Gonzalez strongly thrashed around on the bed of wood chips, his screams becoming more and more muffled, while officials attempted to subdue him.

“He’s lifting my entire body weight up,” a police officer stated throughout the scuffle. 

“We’re likely to take proper care of you, OK, we’re likely to take proper care of you,” one officer states, adding, “I think you simply had an excessive amount of to consume today, OK? That’s all.” 

As officials pleaded with Gonzalez to “stop fighting,” he tucked into unconsciousness.

“Do you have a pulse?” a police officer requested.

Officials later considered whether or not to roll Gonzalez on his side. 

“I shouldn’t lose things i got, man,” one officer stated in reaction.

Police later unsuccessfully administered emergency existence-saving measures on Gonzalez, who’s seen motionless in the feet of the residential front yard. 

“He’s going unresponsive,” police mentioned in your body camera footage.

Government bodies maintained Gonzalez was getting a “medical emergency” at that time officials made connection with him. No weapons were utilised by police within the altercation, based on officials. 

An autopsy is pending in Gonzalez’s reason for dying.

Three Alameda police officials happen to be put on compensated leave until further notice, officials confirmed with . 

“The Town of Alameda is dedicated to full transparency and accountability as a direct consequence of Mr. Gonzalez’s dying,” it stated inside a statement. 

Gonzalez’s family, however, was adamant officials needlessly escalated the encounter and were exclusively accountable for the 26-year-old’s dying.

“The police wiped out my buddy very much the same they wiped out George Floyd,” his brother, Gerardo Gonzalez told the Connected Press.

Gonzalez’s family described him like a “respectful” and “lovely guy.” He was the main caretaker for his 22-year-old brother that has autism, they stated. He seemed to be a parent to some 4-year-old boy.

“They broke my loved ones never ever,” his mother, Edith Arenales said.

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office and a special prosecutor are investigating the incident.

A spokesperson for that sheriff’s office declined to immediately comment around the situation when contacted .

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Written by Stephanie Green

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