Body Of Alleged Rapist Dubbed ‘Zombie Mike’ Apparently Identified In Upstate New You are able to

The nearly 10-year look for a man dubbed “Zombie Mike” who had been wanted in 2 sexual assault cases may finally attend an finish, police sources apparently stated now.

DNA from the decomposed body which was discovered in March inside a wooded area behind the Mohawk Commons shopping mall in Niskayuna, New You are able to — about 10 miles from Albany — matched Michael “Zombie Mike” Hawkins, officials told the Albany Occasions Union.

Hawkins, who had been given his moniker due to his poor individual hygiene, based on the Schenectady Daily Gazette, was facing rape charges in 2 Schenectady County cases during the time of his 2013 disappearance.

The remains discovered in March were skeletal anyway, which makes them hard to recognize any immediate certainty — but clothing containing identification within the pocket was discovered using the remains, based on the Occasions Union. Ultimately, sources told the paper, DNA in the remains which were over a sample supplied by Hawkins’ mother showed a good venture of the match.

Police told the paper they think that Hawkins died by suicide a belt was discovered hanging inside a tree close to the remains, based on the Occasions Union.

Hawkins have been billed with rape, irritated first-degree sexual abuse and other charges after a Schenectady lady told police in June 2012 that he’d raped her in her own apartment, based on the Daily Gazette. The family people from the lady, that has developmental disabilities and who used a motorized wheel chair, were apparently asleep within an adjacent room, based on local New You are able to station WPIX.

Police in Schenectady confirmed to on Tuesday the DNA within the 2012 situation would be a match to Hawkins. The department had a warrant issued for Hawkins and considered him a fugitive when, in November 2013, a buddy asked him over for any family gathering, based on WPIX. That friend shared a house together with his wife in the neighboring town of Rotterdam Hawkins allegedly sexually assaulted the friend’s wife while in the gathering. He was billed with first-degree rape for the reason that situation.Investigators didn’t have luck locating Hawkins after charging him within the second rape situation. 

In 2016, U.S. Marshalls became a member of the quest for Hawkins, based on the Vacaville Reporter, noting that, because of his work history with traveling circus companies, he’d personal ties in California, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Florida and could be going with carnivals across the New England, in Tennessee, in Ohio or perhaps in Puerto Rico. They offered a $5,000 reward for information resulting in his capture according to a 2017 Daily Gazette report, no 100 tips these were given panned brought to his location or body.

In 2017, investigators released a number of YouTube videos that Hawkins had made as Mthug007, based on the Daily Gazette, featuring him playing guitar covers of heavy metal and rock songs by Lamb of God, Metallica and Godsmack, among rock functions. The newest crop from the videos is made after police allege he raped the lady in Schenectady before they are saying he allegedly raped his friend’s wife in Rotterdam.

Hawkins was featured on a chapter of Analysis Discovery’s “In Pursuit With John Walsh” in The month of january 2019 inside a further effort to trace him lower.

Acting Niskayuna Police Chief Michael Stevens declined to go over the Hawkins situation with the Occasions Union on Monday. 

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