Australian Lady Raped And Murdered In Europe Known as Friend Mid-Attack, Audio Recording Shows

The ultimate moments of the Australian lady living abroad in Eastern Europe were taken in audio when she phoned her friend in California throughout the attack that left her dead over the past weekend. 

Shanae Brooke Edwards, 31, was hiking in Georgia in Eastern Europe when her body is discovered on This summer 31, based on Edwards trained British like a second language within the former Soviet country’s capital of Tbilisi.

On This summer 30, Edwards phoned her friend in California as she had been attacked.

Within the recorded call, Edwards screamed at her unknown attacker and yelled, “please allow me to go, okay… let me go,” based on the Australian outlet.

The audio recording taken her rape, in where Edwards informed her assailant, “take both hands off me,” based on Today UK News. 

A buddy of Edwards, who was from Melbourne and resided abroad in Georgia for 2 years, had published around the Facebook page, Expats in Tbilisi, about her disappearance. A search party found Edwards’ body the very next day on Mount Mtatsminda, overlooking Tbilisi.

Edwards’ reason for dying hasn’t yet been released, however the Secretary of state for Internal Matters of Georgia has declared her killing a premeditated murder, based on news outlet

“The ministry and police officials do their finest to obtain the killer,” stated Georgian Interior Minister Vakhtang Gomelauri. “[The Secretary of state for Internal Matters] possess some information, though I am unable to discuss it because of the interests from the analysis.”

Gomelauri stated that the ministry has some good info around the killing and claimed the suspect wasn’t an overseas national.

Georgian government bodies had compiled a picture according to witness sightings from the suspect.

Edwards was last seen on Closed-circuit television footage when she left her apartment at 3:35 p.m. She was outfitted inside a black hiking outfit when aiming in direction of Mtatsminda Park.

On that day, an Expats in Tbilisi Facebook page user published that they’d heard “a lady screaming in the trails under Mtatsminda Park,” based on Today United kingdom.

A police officer in the Australian Embassy in Poultry, who works together with Georgia, was sent to help local government bodies, based on a spokesman in the Department of Foreign Matters and Trade.

“The Australian government offers its greatest condolences towards the group of an Australian lady whose dying has been investigated by government bodies in Tbilisi, Georgia,” the spokesman stated, based on “The DFAT is supplying consular help the woman’s family. Because of our privacy obligations, we won’t provide further detail.”

Minister Gomelauri denied unconfirmed reports of two other women lately being assaulted on Mount Mtatsminda but did confirm reports of ladies being adopted in the region, based on Agenda.

Many took to Edwards’ Instagram account to voice their sadness over her dying.

“The warmest friend anybody can ever find,” a friend published. “You didn’t should go such as this.”

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