Attorneys Request Home Confinement For NXIVM Co-Founder, Claim She Was ‘Fooled, Controlled, Humiliated’

A recently filed sentencing memo reveals that attorneys representing NXIVM co-founder Nancy Salzman are trying to find a 2-year sentence of home confinement without any incarceration, reports Law &amp Crime. She is scheduled for sentencing on Wednesday, September eighth inside a Brooklyn Federal Court.  

The memo paints Salzman among cult leader Keith Raniere’s many victims.

“Nancy Salzman is really a 66 -year- old lady who for the majority of the past two decades continues to be fooled, controlled, humiliated, and eventually brought to take part in criminal conduct by an egotistical, self-important, sex fiend who told all who’d listen about his (fake) solution for mankind’s problems,” her attorneys David Stern and Robert A. Soloway authored. 

Salzman pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy racketeering in March of 2019. Her attorneys authored that her guilty plea, and acceptance of responsibility, “broke a defense logjam and led the way for basically charge defendant to go in guilty pleas.” Others NXIVM people who aided Raniere, including Allison Mack, happen to be sentenced for everyone time in jail. 

Federal prosecutors want Saltzman for everyone our prime-finish from the prison range, between 31 to 41 several weeks. They are saying she, together with co-defendants Raniere and Clare Bronfman, took part in illegal surveillance and analysis of perceived opponents.

But Salzman’s attorney contended that she’s herself a target.

“How this type of path might be taken by a smart, gifted lady who, until meeting Raniere, had brought a scrupulously law-abiding and productive existence, is mystifying. But her particular weaknesses coupled with Raniere’s indisputable forces of control of a persons will of others and uncanny capability to neutralize the judgment of those individuals, required Ms. Salzman on the terrible decades-lengthy journey which to this day she struggles to completely understand,” her attorneys write within the memo.

Additionally they cite Salzman’s age and illness as explanations why she ought to be sentenced by confinement rather of prison and observe that she plays an “indispensable” role within the proper care of her “elderly and incredibly ill mother.”

But survivors from the cult disagree that Salzman is really a victim. Based on the brand new You are able to Occasions many victims say she was accountable for fostering the culture of abuse that defined NXIVM which she wasn’t only Raniere’s business partner and confidant, but his abettor and protector.

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