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Arizona Landlord Charged Later Dying Of Lady Found Raped, Murdered In Her Own Bathtub

An Arizona man was discovered guilty within the murder of his nearby neighbor and tenant who had been murdered and sexually assaulted in her own apartment bathroom greater than 35 years back.

A jury in Texas charged Ray Leroy Moore, 69, of capital murder within the 1987 slaying of Dianna “Dee Dee” Lowery, 25, on Friday, the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office stated. Moore had been indicted with a grand jury on capital murder in Lowery’s dying in 2018. 

Lowery was discovered strangled to dying inside a bathtub at her home in Dallas, Texas on Jan. 29, 1987. Though putting on a robe when she is discovered, she’d been sexually assaulted and her mouth was sealed shut with duct tape. An autopsy indicated Lowery died of asphyxiation, and her dying was ruled a homicide.

For a long time, the Dallas Police Department unsuccessful to create any arrests within the situation, and also the analysis into Lowery’s murder eventually went cold.

In 2004, Lowery’s mother — who had been then crictally ill — contacted detectives, and mentioned she desired to “see justice on her daughter before she died,” based on a prosecutor’s pr release.

Investigators at that time focused on Moore like a potential suspect. He was indicted in September 2005, however the situation was ignored greater than 2 yrs later through the prosecutor’s office, pending additional evidence.

Lowery’s mother later died before Moore might be attempted, officials stated.

In 2018, Lowery’s niece arrived at to the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office and asked why the situation have been ignored greater than a decade earlier. After re-analyzing the situation file, then Da Nico LaHood found sufficient probable induce to prosecute Moore on capital murder charges.

Moore, who’d resided inside a duplex across the street from Lowery within the late 1980s, was her landlord during the time of the slaying. He’d an extra group of secrets of her apartment coupled with a cordial relationship together with her and her boyfriend, the Dallas Express News reported.

DNA evidence available on rectal swabs implicated Moore in Lowery’s killing.

During Moore’s week-lengthy trial, Lowery’s boyfriend, Andrew Martin, testified that he’d found her body after carrying out a “smell of death” towards the home’s bathroom after coming back from focus on the night time from the murder in The month of january 1987, the Dallas Express-News reported.

“He was 33 years-old at that time,” Bexar County Assistant Criminal Da Talia Triesch stated of Moore during closing arguments, based on Courthouse News Service. “He performed basketball, put darts, mowed lawns sometimes.

“Also, he raped and murdered his tenant,” she added. “Why did he get it done? What’s the motive? We might don’t know. However that he did get it done — that we understand.”

Prosecutors formerly indicated they wouldn’t ask for the dying penalty from the 69-year-old Moore, who faces a computerized sentence of existence imprisonment with the potential of parole after twenty years.

“This defendant might have thought over time he’d become away with this particular brutal crime,” Da Joe Gonzales told inside a statement. “There was a time along the side of science, which evolved to assist identify Ray Moore as Ms. Lowery’s killer. They of dedicated cold situation detectives and our prosecutors finally introduced justice towards the memory of Ms. Lowery.”

Moore’s defense attorney, meanwhile, blasted the decision and also the state’s evidence, that they characterised as missing. 

“It doesn’t seem sensible, there isn’t any motive,” McKay stated. “There’s pointless to kill her.”

Moore’s legal team is anticipated to appeal the decision, but McKay wasn’t immediately available for comment when contacted on Monday.

Moore continues to be remanded without bond and it is waiting for transfer to some condition prison, county officials confirmed with on Monday morning.

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