‘Are You In A Position To Cry On Command?’ Ghislaine Maxwell’s Defense Takes Are Designed For Accuser’s Credibility

Ghislaine Maxwell’s defense team continues to be trying to discredit the first accuser to go ahead and take stand it British socialite’s federal sex trafficking trial. 

A witness who testified while using pseudonym “Jane” began victim testimony within the trial, telling a legal court that her sexual interactions with Jeffrey Epstein started when she was 14. She marks the very first with a minimum of four women scheduled to testify regarding their encounters with Maxwell and Epstein.

“Jane” testified that Maxwell, 59, coached her regarding how to give Epstein, a charged child molester, the sexually billed massages he craved. She also claimed Maxwell was present during a few of the instances of sexual abuse.

By Wednesday, Laura Menninger — a lawyer for Maxwell — launched into her mix-study of “Jane” by evaluating her trial testimony to transcriptions of her interviews with federal agents. Areas of individuals documents, which detailed her conversations using the feds and prosecutors between late 2019 and early 2020, were proven to “Jane” on Wednesday.

“When you spoke towards the government you said excitedly you don’t have a particular memory of the very first time with Ghislaine,” Menninger requested Jane talking about documents from the 2019 interview, ABC News reports. “You’ve develop that memory within the last 2 yrs?”

“I don’t think I have think of a memory,” “Jane” responded.

The attorney also pointed to some 2020 interview where the witness told the feds there were “other girls” present the very first time she was involved. 

“I do not recall,” Jane responded, before stating, “The wording which was typed up here’s incorrect.”

“So another typo through the government?” Menninger requested.

Menninger also stated a document made by the accuser’s personal lawyer, which identified only Epstein as her abuser making no reference to Maxwell, Slate reports. Additionally, the attorney introduced up Jane’s profession being an actor. Menninger read off a few of her roles which she known as “melodramatic” 

“I prefer just ‘dramatic,’” Jane remarked. 

“Is it possible to cry on command?” Menninger requested the witness.

“Not necessarily,” Jane responded, based on ABC. “That isn’t how it operates.”

Later Wednesday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Alison Moe requested the actor concerning the millions she caused by an Epstein victim fund. She wept as she stated she tried on the extender to offset money she spent attempting to “fix myself.” 

“If only I’d haven’t received that cash to begin with, due to what went down,” she stated prior to the prosecutor requested her if she’d gain financially by any means if Maxwell were charged.

“No,” she responded, marking her final bit of testimony throughout the third day’s Maxwell’s trial.

Maxwell is charged with recruiting and grooming teen women included in the late predator’s pyramid of sexual abuse. She faces six federal counts, including transporting minors to take part in criminal intercourse and sex trafficking of kids or by pressure, fraud or coercion. Epstein, who had been found hung in the jail cell in August 2019 at 66, only one month after he was arrested on federal sex trafficking charges, known Maxwell as his “closest friend” inside a 2003 Vanity Fair profile.

Maxwell has pleaded not liable towards the charges against her and it has adamantly denied any wrongdoing.

For additional around the situation, watch Peacock’s “Epstein’s Shadow: Ghislaine Maxwell.”

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