An Oklahoma Woman’s Disappearance Is Associated With The Murders Of Two Children

A youthful lady, Ashley Sweat, disappeared from the rural town still reeling in the shocking murders of two innocent children. Is the two link? Investigators soon uncovered the disturbing truth.

Ashley Taylor and Kevin Sweat were two senior high school outcasts who found love in Weleetka, Oklahoma. Buddies described them as shy and cool, however they appeared ideal for each other. They shared a unique bond as two teens bullied in class, however they could your investment world around them when together. Kevin frequently visited Ashley’s house, where she helped take care of her motorized wheel chair-bound mother and her two more youthful brothers and sisters, who’d special needs.

“That’s the glue that held Ashley and Kevin together,” Ashley’s friend Anna Film told “Killer Relationship with Belief Jenkins,” airing Sundays at 7/6c on Archiweekend. “The sense that they are outcasts, and i believe they found security in one another over that.”

The 2 drifted apart when Kevin finished senior high school, and Ashley finished her education at home while helping take proper care of her family. But early in the year of 2007, tragedy struck when Kevin’s older brother died in hotels of the drug overdose.

“Kevin went from the cool youthful man to beginning to get isolated, “said Belief Phillips, author of “Now I Lay Me Lower.” “He was brokenhearted by his brother’s dying.”

But there is one silver lining: The tragedy helped reconnect the 2 lovebirds, who soon grew to become inseparable years after going their very own ways. Kevin moved along with Ashley to aid her as she looked after her relatives. By 2010, the pair saved their cash and started renting a condo that belongs to them. But following a couple of several weeks, Ashley grew to become withdrawn, and buddies and family members believed Kevin ended up being to blame.

“Ashley didn’t open up to us concerning the problems she was getting with Kevin,” stated Ashley’s aunt Dione Coy.

Neighbors later stated they observed fights between Ashley and Kevin, with Kevin sometimes not allowing his girlfriend to depart home. Some suspected Kevin hadn’t appropriately worked using the grief of losing his brother, believing his brother’s overdose evolved as the result of foul play.

Buddies and family were surprised once the couple appeared to double lower by announcing their engagement on social networking. Carrying out a romantic lakeside proposal, Ashley and Kevin began to organize a marriage and honeymoon lower in Louisiana.

Ashley informed her mother she’d call her once they showed up in Louisiana, but Trish Taylor never got the phone call.

“I known as them a couple of occasions,” stated Trish Taylor. “But it had been such as the phone was disconnected or switched off.”

Family members grew to become concerned when Ashley didn’t demand her more youthful brother’s birthday. Days passed, with no you could get ahold from the ladies who once anticipated marriage. They increased more concerned once they learned Kevin hadn’t missed each day of labor: The happy couple had not left for Louisiana.

They known as law enforcement and reported Ashley missing.

When buddies faced Kevin, he claimed he and Ashley had damaged up. Kevin alleged the pair contended within the vehicle and he’d dropped Ashley off near a bridge enroute to Louisiana. He stated he never saw Ashley again.

“It was shocking,” stated Ashley’s mother. “Right then, I understood something bad had happened. I simply did not understand what.”

Okmulgee Patrol Officer Lyndon Spears required Kevin set for questioning.

“I’ve worked with multiple homicides, drug dealers, gang people, things like that,” stated Spears. “But Kevin is alone which i was ever inside a room with this there is just something unnerving about him, about his aura.”

Kevin told Spears that Ashley exited the vehicle after declaring that he no more desired to get wed. It struck investigators as odd that Kevin never came back to evaluate Ashley’s wellbeing rather than attempted to make contact with her again. What struck government bodies more was as he accepted that he’d been interviewed legally enforcement previously, stating agents in the Oklahoma Bureau of Analysis asked him in regards to a gun he owned from the murders of two children 3 years prior.

In 2008, 13-year-old Taylor Paschal-Placker and 11-year-old Skyla Whitaker were shot to dying and left inside a rural roadside ditch in Weleetka, only a couple of miles from Ashley and Kevin’s home. The double homicide rocked the little Oklahoma town and went unsolved for quite some time.

Upon interviewing Kevin, investigators learned Kevin purchased the gun under consideration twelve months prior to the children’s murders. Kevin claimed he offered the gun to a different individual, and government bodies never retrieved the murder weapon.

Spears along with other investigators acquired searching warrant for Kevin’s apartment and vehicle. Their concerns increased once they found Ashley’s wallet within the glove compartment as well as an ax within the trunk. Government bodies introduced within the Oklahoma Bureau of Analysis and also got another warrant to look Kevin’s computer.

“During the analysis, we found that Kevin had some dependence on violence and guns,” stated OSBI Special Agent Kurt Titsworth. 

Kevin frequently blogged about his unhappiness in the relationship with Ashley and just what investigators regarded as an ominous countdown resulting in time Ashley disappeared.

Special Agent Titsworth required Kevin for any ride to determine where Kevin claimed Ashley exited the automobile along the side of the street. Kevin told the agent then he visited the river in the local Nichols Park for any couple of hrs before departing for his father’s house in Weleetka. When Titsworth adopted track of another interview the following day, Kevin altered his story. Kevin then claimed he and Ashley visited the Nichols Park lake and contended over their approaching wedding. He stated he brought out a knife and put it at Ashley before she required the knife and cut herself before falling the pier.

However Kevin altered his story once again.

“The next story goes, she’d the knife, she cuts along side it of her neck and falls around the pier,” stated Titsworth. “He accumulates the knife, cuts sleep issues of her neck, killing her, and pushes her off in to the lake. And that’s the final time he sees her.”

Government bodies subsequently arrested Kevin Sweat for that murder of Ashley Taylor.

But searches from the lake at Nichols Park demonstrated fruitless, and Ashley’s body wasn’t retrieved. Buddies and family held out hope that Ashley could be alive, however that altered when Kevin’s father contacted Agent Titsworth and told him he found a woman’s ring inside a burn pit on his property.

Ashley’s mother, Trish Taylor, confirmed the ring belonged to her daughter.

Investigators looked Kevin’s father’s property and located bones within the burn pit.

“I understood it was not good. It had been just horrible,” stated Trish Taylor through tears. “And i then attempted to inform my children that they’ll never see their sister again. Which was very hard.”

Furthering their explore Kevin’s property, investigators found covering casings and picked up them as evidence. Eight from the nine casings matched the gun accustomed to kill Taylor Paschal-Placker and Skyla Whitaker in 2008.

“Right up to the finish, we actually battled using what was his motive,” stated former Okfuskee County Assistant Condition Attorney Maxey Reilly. “Because it had been just difficult to fathom why he’d do what he did towards the children.”

Certainly one of Kevin’s coworkers came forward and told government bodies that Kevin hated the Placker family, blaming Paschal-Placker’s brother for his older brother’s drug overdose. Investigators stated Kevin was out for revenge. Additionally they thought that Ashley found that Kevin shot the 2 children to dying, which gave Kevin a motive for wanting her from the picture.

Kevin pleaded guilty to any or all three murders in return for using the dying penalty from the table.

At the time of sentencing, while talking to his attorneys within the courtroom, Kevin tried to slit his lawyer’s throat having a blade he’d snuck in to the courthouse. His attorney remained bleeding from his neck but survived the assault.

The judge sentenced Kevin Sweat to 3 existence sentences without the potential of parole.

“Ashley thought, without a doubt, Kevin was her soulmate and they would spend the remainder of their existence together,” stated Ashley’s aunt, Dione Coy. “To discover he has this completely different side, this twisted, evil side, it had been just unbelievable.”

Kevin Sweat is serving his sentence in the Oklahoma Condition Penitentiary.

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