An Appreciation Triangular Results In The Slaying Of The OC Teen Wrestling Champion

The town of Orange, California is much better noted for lovely weather than sensational homicides. But on November 10, 2003, youths made the nasty discovery from the body of the youthful man near a house construction site. 

The victim have been shot and hang burning, based on Dan Salcedo, a upon the market investigator using the Oc Sheriff’s Department. A swimming pool of coagulated bloodstream near his body demonstrated that he’d been wiped out hrs earlier.

“The indication might well be someone who’s trying to hide the crime scene, wishing he would be burned beyond recognition,” Salcedo told “The Real Murders of Oc,” airing Sundays at 7/6c and 8/7c on Archiweekend. 

As investigators labored to recognize the victim, an autopsy says he’d been shot within the brow as well as in the mouth area. The Sheriff’s Department arrived at to the general public to assist name the victim, who had been recognized as Diego Gonzalez, a 17-year-old senior high school wrestling champion.

Gonzalez, “a special youthful man … having a heart of gold,” based on his coach, had left home to choose a operate on November 9 rather than came back.

Police officials interviewed individuals who were near to Diego. They started together with his on-off girlfriend, another El Modena Senior High School student.

Investigators requested about her location around the nights November 9. Investigators confirmed her story that they have been with family people and removed her like a suspect. 

Detectives switched towards the Gonzalez family for leads. They says there is another lady in Gonzalez’s existence.

“Diego had an on-again off-again relationship having a female who had been students who’d since finished El Modena,” stated Salcedo. Her name was Veronica Paz. She and Diego labored together in a supermarket.

Diego and Paz were getting “a casual sexual relationship,” stated former television reporter Tricia Takasugi, adding the age difference was striking.

Around the evening of November 9, 2003, Diego told his brother he was taking a run and planned to satisfy Paz. Investigators spoken with Paz, who stated she’d no understanding of where he was and denied that they had known as him to satisfy up. Paz stated she spent the night together with her friend, Kim Gomez, after which went home.

Paz also stated that they was really dating Brandan Perry, who’d been a star senior high school football star and it was annually more youthful than her. During breaks within their relationship she connected with Diego. That made Perry jealous, based on sources.

Throughout his interview with detectives, Perry stated he met Diego within the summer time of 2003 as he what food was in a celebration with Paz. He stated he’d nothing related to Diego’s disappearance and was clueless that what went down to him. 

Perry stated he was together with his friend Tommy Medina at his house the night time that Diego went missing. He stated he went home and continued to be at his house by themself.

Gomez and Medina corroborated their friends’ alibis. Because they broadened their scope investigators found that when Perry and Diego met in the party in 2003 there is an accidents that just about switched violent. Certainly one of Diego’s pals waved a gun. There is bad bloodstream backward and forward involved with similar lady.

When investigators interviewed Perry again he altered his story. He stated he might have been in the crime scene due to his work detailing cars. Perry was not able to mention who his client was. 

Police arrested Perry, who immediately requested for any lawyer and stop any more interrogations. Before police could conduct searching of Perry’s vehicle and residential, Paz demonstrated up in the police station unannounced on November 13.

She told another story than she’d initially. Paz stated that they was with Perry when Diego known as her to connect on November 9. Paz stated that Perry desired to send a note to Diego. 

Paz agreed to get Diego and drove with him to some secluded construction site. The 2 experienced the backseat. Perry surprised the pair of them and pulled Diego from the vehicle. She was shocked, she told government bodies, when Perry shot Diego two times. They drove away individually. 

Paz stated that Perry known as her and purchased her to go back to the crime scene, where they put gas on Diego’s body to create it burning. They later became a member of with Gomez and Medina to coordinate alibis.

Paz’s interview gave police more evidence against Perry. Simultaneously she incriminated herself and it was arrested. “She were built with a big part with what happened through getting Diego available online for knowing well was most most likely going to take place he would be shot and wiped out,” stated Salcedo. 

Because they built the situation against Paz and Perry, investigators arrested Gomez and Medina as accessories to murder due to false statements within their initial interviews.

“Tommy Medina informs investigators this murder have been hatched several weeks before by Veronica,” stated Takasugi. Paz and Perry had really gone to the desert to try out this gun that they are likely to use to kill Diego.”

Gomez told police that Paz wasn’t upset the night time from the murder making it appear like she helped plan the murder. Her motive? She didn’t like getting used for casual sex. She felt Gonzalez have been “playing” her because he attempted to obtain back having a former girlfriend, reported the Oc Register. 

Detectives found evidence that Paz bought ammunition from Walmart that matched slugs removed during Diego’s autopsy.

In 2004, Gomez and Medina pleaded guilty to being accessories afterwards to some murder. Medina was sentenced to 6 days incarceration and 3 years probation. Gomez was sentenced to 6 several weeks incarceration and 3 years of probation, based on “The Real Murders of Oc.” 

Both decided to testify against Paz and Perry, who’d  een billed with murder. On March 28, 2006, right before Perry’s trial was set to start, he pleaded to first-degree murder so the dying penalty was removed the table. Also, he decided to testify against Paz.

Perry was sentenced to twenty five years to existence with the potential of parole. On December 15, 2006, Paz was in prison for first-degree murder. She was sentenced to twenty five years to existence imprisonment with a way for parole.

In 2008, 2 yrs after Paz was charged of first degree murder, her situation was overturned as a result of technicality associated with jury instructions. Paz could plead guilty to second-degree murder. Her sentence was reduced to fifteen many years to existence.

To understand more about the situation watch, “The Real Murders of Oc,” airing Sundays at 7/6c and 8/7c on Archiweekend, or stream episodes here. 

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