‘An Absolute Innocent,’ The Real Tragic Tale Behind HBO’s New Series ‘Laetitia’

HBO’s new miniseries “Laetitia” is really a riveting crime drama series that follows the analysis right into a French girl’s disappearance and it is with different real existence, and tragic 2011 situation.

The series, directed by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade — who’s behind such true crime classics like “The Staircase” and “Murder on the Sunday Morning” — begins soon after 18-year-old Laetitia’s scooter is located laying within the road by her twin sister. Her brother or sister and her promote parents then anxiously look for her because the series explores her difficult past.

The situation is dependant on the infamous French 2011 murder of Laetitia Perrais. Just like within the series, her twin sister Jessica found her scooter laying within the road on the cold The month of january night outdoors their house. She’d left the home the night time before on her job waitressing in a nearby hotel and her family grew to become troubled once they recognized she’d been missing through the night.

Investigators soon learned that the teenager entered pathways with Tony Meilhon, a guy in the thirties, the night time before her sister found her scooter. He kidnapped and wiped out Laetitia before hiding her dismembered body in 2 ponds, French paper Midi Libre reported in 2013. Meilhon initially claimed he accidentally wiped out Perrais by hitting her scooter together with her vehicle. But witnesses saw the 2 discussing a glass or two the night time she disappeared.

He was sentenced to existence in jail in 2015 after he was ultimately in prison for both murdering and dismembering the teenager, Le Parisien reported in 2015.

“Outdoors, I’m a danger personally around I’m a danger for other people,” were his final words towards the court.

A hundred journalists apparently attended the trial, based on Midi Libre.

“He required an individual very dear in my experience from me, I miss her every single day, all I’d like is the fact that. is that she’s by my side, “Jessica testified in 2015, French funnel BMF-TV reported at that time.

Both brothers and sisters, who have been placed with promote families once they were youthful, were sexually assaulted by their promote father Gilles Patron. He was sentenced to eight years imprisonment for that abuse, BMF-TV reports. The series concentrates on the abusive childhood the women increased in along with the societal failures that led to it.

“Laetitia was the victim of the very most heinous crime: she would be a particularly fragile youthful girl who’d an extremely sad existence (…) but was beginning to pull it off … A great girl who had been wiped out inside a nights horror … A complete innocent: she didn’t do anything to deserve that,” Advocate General Stéphane Cantero stated in the court in 2015, based on Le Parisien. 

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