Amish Teen Linda Stoltzfoos Died After Being Strangled And Stabbed, Coroner States

Pennsylvania Amish teen Linda Stoltzfoos’ died after being strangled, suffocated and stabbed within the neck, based on the a county medical examiner.

The 18-year-old who disappeared this past year while walking home from church, died from asphyxia because of strangulation and suffocation, Eric Bieber, deputy chief coroner for Lancaster County, told PennLive the  A stab wound towards the neck was listed like a adding element in her dying.

Stoltzfoos’ body is discovered covered with a tarp and hidden behind a nearby business a week ago around the 10-month anniversary from the teen’s June 21, 2020 disappearance, based on an announcement in the Lancaster County District Attorney’s Office.

Several several weeks after Stoltzfoos disappeared, government bodies arrested Justo Smoker and billed him with kidnapping within the situation however, individuals charges were later to homicide in December after prosecutors contended it had been likely Stoltzfoos wasn’t any longer alive.

Da Louise Adams stated within the statement that government bodies believe Smoker kidnapped the teen after which wiped out her “within hrs of her kidnapping” before burying her body within an area from Harvest Road, where investigators later retrieved a woman’s bra and stockings,

Government bodies stated your body was later moved within a few days for an area behind Smoker’s previous job along Route 41 in eastern Lancaster County, where it had been discovered a week ago by people from the Fbi, East Lampeter Township Police Department and Pennsylvania Condition Police.

Adams stated government bodies had spent greater than 15,000 man-hrs trying to find the teen’s remains, utilizing drones, K-9s, horses, ATVs, submarines and ground penetrating radar within the 10 several weeks since she disappeared.

“Since charging this situation we’ve maintained two goals: getting Linda the place to find her family and securing a murder conviction against Smoker,” Adams stated. “While we billed the crime of homicide in December, I probably have that for Linda’s family, her dying only grew to become a real possibility upon this news of her body being retrieved.”

Smoker was recognized as a suspect within the situation after witnesses reported seeing an Amish female within the passenger seat of the red or orange Kia matching the outline of Smoker’s vehicle, based on an earlier release from the district attorney’s office.

The vehicle, later recognized as a red Kia Rio, seemed to be observed in surveillance footage that taken the abduction.

Adams told a week ago the analysis “did not reveal any past understanding or connection” between Stoltzfoos and Smoker.

Adams requested the family get privacy because they grieve the devastating loss.

“Our hearts visit the household because they process what is the news, their grief, and also the many feelings it’ll bring,” she stated.

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