Ambitious YouTuber Recruits 3 Men To Kidnap And Murder Husband

Individuals who understood Samantha Wohlford stated she thought about being famous: She’d her very own YouTube funnel and imagined to be an actress. The only real factor she’d be renowned for, however, was the kidnapping and murder of her husband, Ernie Ibarra. 

Ernest “Ernie” Lee Ibarra Junior. was created on Christmas 1985 in Mount Enjoyable, Texas. “He was a bookworm,” sister Abigail Ibarra told “Snapped,” airing Sundays at 6/5c on Archiweekend. By senior high school computers had replaced books. Ernie was an enthusiastic gamer capable to perform their own computer repairs.  

Then, in 2008, Ernie met Samantha Wohlford in a local tattoo shop and also the pair started dating. “They were really like soulmates,” her sister Natasha Wilabay told producers.

Samantha Nicole Wohlford was created in 1989, the earliest of three children. She’d a set of twins with her senior high school boyfriend when she was 19, and in 2011, she was with Ibarra and became pregnant again, producing another group of twins. A fifth child showed up in 2013, when Samantha was 24.

Ernie was now working two jobs to aid the household of seven, running bat manufacturing machines for D-Bat and dealing nights in a Little Caesars pizza. Believing it might generate extra earnings, Samantha started a YouTube funnel. Her videos discussed her passions, her personal existence, and also the struggles to be a youthful mother of 5. 

“She felt such as this was going somewhere. She type of began having to pay less focus on her kids and she or he acted like her so-known as job was more essential than that,” Abigail told “Snapped.” “She thought about being internet famous … My buddy didn’t like this type of factor.” 

The pair also fought against over Ernie’s all-consuming gaming habits, especially after his online avatar married a lady gamer’s character. To create amends, Ernie agreed to marry Samantha in 2014. The wedding wouldn’t last lengthy, though. 

Early in the day hrs of February. 20, 2015, Rosie Wohlford, Samantha’s mother, received a frantic telephone call from Samantha.   

“She stated there have been intruders and apparently they’d kidnapped him [Ernie]. I finally were able to hear her say, ‘I’m tangled up,’ and today I’m really losing it. I’ve never been so scared within my existence,” Rosie told “Snapped.”

Rosie known as her sister, Ginger root Kesterson, who resided nearby and drove to the home. She found Samantha upstairs. She was gagged together with her hands tied behind her back and her ft tied, based on court papers. 

Officials in the Titus County Sheriff’s Department soon showed up in this area. As government bodies looked the house they observed no belongings were taken. The leading door lay in pieces there were indications of an actual struggle. 

“There is a few bloodstream on your wall which most likely happened throughout a scuffle. Right through the door would be a lock of hair,” former Titus County Sheriff’s First Responder Chris Durant told producers.

Samantha was introduced set for questioning. She claimed she and Ernie were asleep when intruders joined their bed room. 

“I remember a while, it had been just a little after 1 [a.m.], someone jerking the blankets lower, which startled me,” Samantha is seen telling investigators in video of her interview acquired by “Snapped.” 

Samantha stated among the attackers held a knife to her throat while Ernie was pulled downstairs and beaten. Afterward, they introduced her downstairs too. 

“They had me on my small knees, forcing him to check out me. It had been like these were using me like some type of taunting factor plus they were punching him hard having a gun,” Samantha is seen tearfully telling detectives within the footage. 

Samantha said Ernie was taken off the house while she was taken upstairs and bound and gagged. Following the intruders left, she wiggled to her phone and dialed her mother’s number together with her nose. She claimed the assailants were putting on masks that covered all of their faces and baggy black clothes.

Investigators did a trace on Ernie’s phone and around 3:20 a.m. had a ping in nearby Pittsburg, Texas. However, these were not able to discover him and also the signal later went dead.  

Detectives also soon learned Samantha had called law enforcement on Ernie in 2014, alleging he attacked her. 

“Ernie was introduced set for questioning and that he was ultimately arrested,” prosecutor David Colley told producers. “As a part of that arrest, an urgent situation magistrate’s protective order was issued against him.” (Ernie’s family is adamant the allegations against him were false.)

Samantha, meanwhile, claimed their domestic problems were a factor of history. “She really colored a fairly rosy picture,” Titus County Sheriff’s Investigator Wayne Minor told producers.

Investigators requested her about the occasions during the day prior to the attack. She claimed she what food was in a healthcare facility going to a friend who had been getting an infant. In the center of the job interview, Samantha had an “epiphany,” based on Colley, telling investigators, “There’s this person I met yesterday. His name’s Johnny Reb …He might have tried it.Inches

Samantha claimed she met Johnny in the hospital coupled with loaned him her vehicle they are driving friends with them home in the hospital. She had told him about Ernie’s alleged abuse, that Johnny required umbrage. 

“He stated he’d take exception to a person hitting a lady as well and the man type of provided to in some way intervene in her own situation,” Minor told “Snapped.” 

Government bodies learned Johnny Reb’s real name was Johnathan Kyle Sanford, and the 25-year-old had lately been released from prison. Samantha stated he’d just texted her in the hospital and detectives rushed there to trap him.   

Arrested with Sanford was his brother-in-law, Jose Antonio Ponse, 26. Both men were billed with irritated kidnapping, local ABC affiliate KLTV reported at that time.

Sanford stated he’d met Samantha days earlier in the hospital through his girlfriend, Sharla Kemp, who’d just had a baby. Samantha told him about Ernie’s alleged abuse and Sanford informed her he “could take Ibarra from the picture,” based on court papers. 

To assist him, Sanford employed Ponse and the other friend, Octavious Lamar Rhymes, 28. They initially meant to plant crystal meth in Ernie’s truck and hang him up for any drug bust, based on court papers. Around the nights February. 19, Sanford, Rhymes, Samantha, and her children drove in her own vehicle to purchase crystal meth from Rhymes’ cousin. Sooner or later, they made the decision murdering Ernie would be simpler. 

In order to the murder, Sanford, Rhymes, and Ponse smoked the meth they’d bought. After beating Ernie, they drove him to some remote area in neighboring Camp County, Texas, where Ponse shot him at the back of the mind. 

“They had hit him within the mind multiple occasions using the pistol, they’d hit him over the face with it, they’d punched him, however the dying originated from being shot at the back of the mind,” Colley told “Snapped.”

Sanford is needed investigators locate and retrieve Ernie Ibarra’s body. Sanford and Ponse’s charges were subsequently upgraded to incorporate murder. 

Government bodies then found texts Samantha sent Rhymes while police were attempting to trace Ernie’s phone. They read, “Kill [Ernie’s] phone. Shut that’s–t down…Ditch phone. Move,” based on court papers.   

Samantha Wohlford was arrested and billed with irritated kidnapping and murder. Octavious Rhymes was arrested and billed similarly on February. 26, 2015, local CBS affiliate KYTX reported at that time.

Johnathan Sanford and Jose Ponse pleaded guilty in April 2016 and were each sentenced to half a century imprisonment, KLTV reported. In December of this year, Octavious Rhymes visited trial and it was found guilty on all counts, getting a combined 93-year prison sentence.

Samantha Wohlford continued trial for that murder of her husband, Ernie Ibarra, in September 2017. She was discovered guilty and received a 99-year prison sentence to become offered consecutively having a 50-year sentence for kidnapping.

For additional about this situation yet others enjoy it, “Snapped,” airing Sundays at 6/5c on Archiweekend or stream episodes here.

Written by Stephanie Green

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