Alleged Murderer Who Targeted Seniors Claims God Will not Allow Him To Be Charged

A suspected Texas murderer charged with targeting seniors women claims he’s “not a killer” in front of his retrial.

Billy Chemirmir, 49, told the Dallas Morning News a week ago, “I am not really a killer.”

Within the phone interview from jail, he stated, “I’m by no means what they’re saying I’m. I’m a very innocent person. I wasn’t introduced (up) this way.”

Chemirmir is presently scheduled to become retried on April 25 for capital murder within the dying of Lu Harris, 81. A mistrial was declared in November within the situation, following the 12 presiding jurors stated they were deadlocked 11 to at least one.

Chemirmir doesn’t appear worried whatsoever about his approaching retrial.

“100% sure I won’t visit prison,” he told the Dallas Morning News. He claimed he’s been receiving messages from God, who told him he will not be charged.

The suspected murderer even strongly told the reporter interviewing him, “I would like you to create this lower, because we’re going to speak about it again. I won’t visit prison, Charlie.”

Harris’ 2018 slaying is among 18 capital murder charges — all involving seniors women — which Chemirmir have been indicted. Investigators also have linked him to 6 additional deaths between 2016 and 2018, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Chemirmir, who gone to live in the U.S. from Kenya in 2003, was initially eyed just as one attacker in March 2018 as he was suspected of attempting to smother 91-year-old Mary Annis Bartel to dying, based on Dallas NBC affiliate KXAS. Before police arrested him regarding the that alleged incident, they caught him tossing a jewellery box right into a dumpster, based on a 2018 pr release in the Dallas Police Department.

The jewellery box brought these to your body of Harris her lipstick was smeared around the pillow accustomed to kill her just 2 days following the attack on Bartel, based on the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. 

Following the discovery of Harris’ body, investigators looked Chemirmir’s apartment and allegedly found jewellery, mobile phones along with other possessions of other victims. Prosecutors say he targeted many North Texas senior living facility residents while either being employed as healthcare staff or impersonating maintenance personnel in the facilities. Most of the deaths were initially listed as because of natural causes.


Although the first trial was focused exclusively on Harris, it started having a recorded deposition Bartel made before her dying.

Within the recording, Bartel described that they understood she is at trouble when she opened up her door and saw Chemirmir putting on mitts. She described that he’d smothered her having a pillow and, when she found, a few of her most precious jewellery — including her wedding ring and gemstone diamond engagement ring — vanished.

“You hope he feels some type of remorse, and the truth is he feels nothing,” Cheryl Pangburn, whose mother, Marilyn Bixler, was wiped out in 2017, told the Dallas Morning News. Police believe Bixler was certainly one of Chemirmir’s victims.

Chemirmir has pleaded not liable to Harris’ murder. He faces existence imprisonment without parole if charged of her killing.

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