Alex Murdaugh Pays $4.3 Million To Housekeeper’s Family, Offers Apology

Disgraced Sc attorney Alex Murdaugh has apologized for misappropriating funds of the group of his longtime housekeeper and that he has decided to outlay cash a $4.3 million settlement.

Throughout a bond hearing on Monday, Murdaugh, 53, decided to spend the money for add up to the household of Gloria Satterfield, who died after having suffered an autumn in the Murdaugh home in 2018, CNN reports. Through his attorney, Murdaugh also issued an apology to her sons as well as their families. Inside it, he mentioned he was sorry “for his financial transgressions committed regarding the the wrongful dying settlement funds retrieved regarding the the dying of Gloria Satterfield and also the discomfort it’s caused,” based on CNN.

The Murdaugh family had claimed that Satterfield hit her mind after tripping within the Murdaugh family’s dogs, The Brand New You are able to Occasions reported. She was hospitalized for many days but eventually died after having suffered a stroke and experiencing a heart attack.

Following her dying, Murdaugh encouraged Satterfield’s sons, John Harriott and Michael “Tony” Satterfield, to create a wrongful dying suit against him and encouraged the siblings to make contact with uncle, attorney Cory Fleming. Fleming then arrived at a $4.3 million settlement with Murdaugh and the insurers however the siblings say they never received the money nor were they can notified from the settlement.

Murdaugh was arrested in October and jailed for misappropriating funds intended for the Satterfield family.

The lawyers representing the Satterfield sons as well as their families didn’t immediately react to’s request comment.

A $seven million bond was assigned Monday for Murdaugh and when he is able to pay it he’ll be put on house arrest with Gps navigation monitoring.

This really is not even close to the only real scandal that Murdaugh is related to.

The Murdaugh family first started to get national attention following the June double homicide of Alex Murdaugh’s wife Maggie, 52, and the boy Paul, 22. Paul was facing charges for a hollywood and, while investigators haven’t named any suspects within the slayings,o ne of Alex’s attorneys, Jim Griffin, has mentioned that Murdaugh is considered an individual of great interest within the situation. 

Then in September 2021, Alex Murdaugh allegedly orchestrated a success on themself inside a unsuccessful suicide attempt, that he’s since confessed as well as for that they also faces charges.

“I designed a terrible decision which i regret and albeit I’m embarrassed about,” he stated during Monday’s bond hearing, based on the Daily Animal. Throughout the hearing, he blamed his legal woes on 2 decades of opiate misuse.

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