Alex Murdaugh Indicted On 23 More Charges Of Stealing Money From Former Clients

Disgraced Sc attorney Alex Murdaugh continues to be indicted on 23 more charges for allegedly defrauding former clients, getting the amount of charges he faces as much as 74.

Sc Attorney General Alan Wilson announced inside a Friday statement that the grand jury issued Murdaugh, 53, “three indictments composed of 24 new charges” — including new indictments within an existing situation. As a whole, Murdaugh has billed been with 71 financial crimes through the grand jury and faces three county charges associated with his efforts to employ anyone to kill him.

These latest indictments include 19 breach of trust with fraudulent intent charges and three computer crimes charges.

Within the first situation, the costs “arise from an alleged plan to swindle the sufferers of $583,056.14” in Allendale County based on the statement. FITSNews reports the victim is Arthur Badger, whose wife D was wiped out inside a 2011 vehicle crash.

The 2nd situation is linked to an alleged plan in Hampton County where the suspended lawyer is charged with defrauding the estate of Hakeem Pinckney of $350,245. Pickney, who had been deaf, grew to become a quadriplegic following a 2009 vehicle crash and then died of his injuries.

The 3rd indictment is related for an alleged plan to swindle Natarsha Thomas of $398,714.90. FITSNews reports that she’s the cousin of Hakeem Pinckney, who had been also hurt within the 2009 crash.

The rest of the “indictments arise from an alleged plan to swindle the victim of $1,325,000,” and in Allendale County.  FITSNews links that indictment to Murdaugh’s former client Deon J. Martin the area Packet reports the new indictment supersedes and contributes to an earlier indictment against Murdaugh for the reason that situation.

“Altogether, Murdaugh is billed within the new The month of january Condition Grand Jury Indictments regarding alleged schemes to swindle victims of $2,657,016.12,” the pr release states. “When combined with Condition Grand Jury Indictments from November and December 2021, the alleged total is $8,875,944.45.”

Murdaugh was formerly indicted in November after which December on 48 counts, including breach of trust with fraudulent intent, acquiring property by false pretenses, money washing, computer crimes and forgery. 

In September of 2021, Murdaugh allegedly orchestrated a success on themself inside a unsuccessful suicide make an effort to that they has since confessed as well as for that they also faces charges. He faces three charges in Colleton County associated with that incident.

Certainly one of Alex’s attorneys, Jim Griffin, has mentioned that Murdaugh is currently considered an individual of great interest within the June double homicide of Alex Murdaugh’s wife Maggie, 52, and boy Paul, 22. (Paul was facing charges for a hollywood boat crash that caused the dying of the peer during the time of his murder.)

The disgraced lawyer was suspended from the concept of law through the Top Court of Sc in September. 

Murdaugh was initially jailed in October for misappropriating funds intended for the relatives of his housekeeper Gloria Satterfield, who died after having suffered an autumn in the Murdaugh home in 2018. (The functions underlying individuals charges were included in a superseding indictment in November and therefore the first charges were dropped.) Murdaugh apologized in December for misappropriating the funds, saying yes to pay for the relatives a $4.3 million settlement.

Condition Grand Jury Judge Alison Lee declined a request to reduce Murdaugh’s bond this week after his lawyers contended he was low on cash.

For additional around the Murdaugh saga, watch Archiweekend’s “Alex Murdaugh: Dying. Deceptiveness. Power.” You can view “Alex Mudaugh. Dying. Deceptiveness. Power.” here or on Peacock.

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