Alabama Man Charged With Child Murder Now A Suspect In The Daughter’s 2005 Dying

An Alabama man charged with killing and raping a 5-year-old girl this past year can also be behind another, unsolved child killing in Alaska dating back 2005, government bodies say.

Jeremy Tremaine Johnson, 37, waiting for trial within the human trafficking murder of Kamarie Holland, was charged with the murder of their own infant daughter by police ins Alaska greater than a decade ago — and today they’re searching in to the situation again.

Police officials in North Pole, Alaska announced now that they’d reopened their analysis into Williams’ participation within the missing infant’s situation, greater than a decade following the situation was ignored as a result of insufficient evidence, based on Georgia CBS affiliate WRBL.

During the time of the child’s dying in 2005, Johnson was residing in North Pole, Alaska using the infant’s mother, who had been an energetic duty U.S. Air Pressure member and native officer. The kid died of blunt pressure trauma, and also the situation was initially investigated through the Air Pressure.

Johnson, however, never was formally billed within the child’s dying. Alaska investigators, who reopened the situation following a 37-year-old’s arrest recently, have again labeled him an excellent suspect within the lengthy-dormant situation.

No more information was available concerning the recently reopened situation now. North Pole Police Chief Steve Dutra wasn’t immediately open to discuss the analysis when contacted by on Friday mid-day.

Greater than 4,000 miles away, Johnson — together with his Kamarie Holland’s mother, Kristy Siple — are in child custody in Alabama on capital murder charges within the December murder of Siple’s daughter

On 12 ,. 13, Siple reported her daughter choose to go missing from her Columbus, Georgia home. The Alabama mother told government bodies she’d found her door open with no trace of her daughter in the residence, the Montgomery Advertiser formerly reported.

Later on that day, Johnson was arrested in a hotel in Phenix City, Alabama. After his arrest, investigators retrieved the 5-year-old’s body from the vacant property. Holland have been sexually mistreated, based on the Russell County Sheriff’s Office. Government bodies suspect the small girl died from asphyxiation, but autopsy answers are pending.

“This situation continues to be ongoing and incredibly early,” Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor told reporters in December. “There’s lots of details that I am not prepared to disclose at the moment due to the emergency within this situation and potential other people that people might be searching into as suspects or offenders alongside Mr. Johnson.”

Siple was later arrested on murder and human trafficking charges in her own daughter’s dying. She’s likely to face additional rape, sodomy, kidnapping and manufacture of child pornography charges, government bodies stated.

“The media’s making me seem like I’m some evil person, but I am not,” Kristy Siple had told WIFR in December just before her arrest. “I’m a mother, and I didn’t do not have anything related to this. She was my existence. I resided on her daily.”

Following Johnson arrest, Alabama investigators stated his good reputation for child abuse, citing his potential past participation in the daughter’s Alaska dying.

“We have information where he would be a suspect inside a one-year-old’s dying in Alaska where he would be a suspect but never billed due to unable to get enough evidence for the reason that situation,” Taylor added.

In ’09, Johnson also was charged with allegedly immersing a 3-year-old boy’s lower body in boiling water. He was found innocent on individuals charges with a jury this year.

If charged in Holland’s murder, Johnson faces the dying penalty, prosecutors stated.

“This is a situation where the dying penalty is going to be searched for when the details still unfold as we’re seeing them,” Russell County Chief Deputy Da Ron Chancey also stated in a press conference.

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