After Killing Her Boarders And Burying Them In Her Own Yard, Where’s Dorothea Puente Now?

Lots of people within the hospitality business get reputations for killing visitors with kindness. Dorothea Puente, who ran an unlicensed Sacramento boarding house, grew to become infamous for really killing residents within the 1980s.

Charged of three slayings, Puente earned the nickname the “Dying House Landlady.” The 2-part Archiweekend series “Murders at the Boarding House” chronicles Puente’s unsettling story.

“Puente preyed on which investigators known as ‘shadow people’ — the seniors, alcoholics and also the disabled,” The La Occasions reported in her own obituary. “Though there have been no witnesses towards the slayings, prosecutors stated Puente was probably the most ‘cold, calculating’ female serial killers the nation had seen.”

After drugging victims, Puente hidden them outside of these two-story Victorian house after which cashed their Social Security checks.

Her homicidal spree found a halt in November 1988, when police came hunting for a psychologically disabled transient, Alvara Montoya, who’d been reported missing. Police eventually dug up seven physiques round the boarding house property. Two more physiques put together later, such as the remains of Puente’s former boyfriend, Everson Gillmouth, which were discovered in a box that were dumped within the Sacramento River.

Puente’s run-ins using the law started years before investigators transporting shovels got busy arriving flower beds within the boarding house backyard, though.

Puente was charged in 1948 of forging checks, based on a Sactown Magazine article in ’09. She also offered 2 . 5 years imprisonment for drugging and robbing people.

Following the first body was discovered in her own yard, Puente designed a run for this. Following the issuance of the murder warrant and check that taken across California, Nevada and Mexico, Puente was arrested in La.

The arrest came following a tip with a man who stated he had met Puente inside a bar, where she excessively thinking about his disability checks, based on the outlet.

In Feb 1993, Puente’s trial started in Monterey County, in which the situation was moved after extensive coverage in Sacramento. Public defenders representing Puente stated her victims died of natural causes and suicide, not murder, reported The La Occasions.

Puente was charged in 1993 of three murders. The jury didn’t achieve verdicts on six other murder counts. She received two existence sentences along with a concurrent 15-year-to-existence sentence.

During prison Puente conveyed with Geebet Bugbee, who collected a large number of family recipes in to the book, “Cooking having a Murderer.” The book includes Bugbee’s phone interviews using the mass killer, who addressed her conviction and also the victims.

“None of these were murdered,” she was adamant.

At 82, Puente died of natural causes behind bars in 2011 in the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla.

To understand more about Dorothea Puente’s situation, watch “Murders in the Boarding House” on Archiweekend.

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