After Fatal Church Stabbing Of Baltimore Grandmother, Day Laborer Arrested

A 62-year-old man is within police child custody carrying out a deadly knife attack of an older person church volunteer whose body was discovered within an East Baltimore Baptist church recently.

Evelyn Player, 69, was discovered stabbed to dying within the rest room of Southern Baptist Church on November. 16. and pronounced dead in the scene.

She was referred to as a deeply spiritual and faithful church volunteer, based on individuals who understood her. 

“Evelyn gave her existence to Christ and also the Church,” Southern Baptist Church Bishop Donté L. Hickman Sr. mentioned in her own eulogy, the Baltimore Sun reported. “She was ever present. I do not are conscious of a celebration, a course, or perhaps an activity that Evelyn did skip.”

“The murder of Evelyn Player would be a senseless, heinous act, along with a complete tragedy,” Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott stated in a press conference on 12 ,. 2. “My sincere ideas continue on the family, her church family, and her entire community.”

Manzie Cruz Junior., 62, who’s accused within the fatal knife attack, was arrested and billed with first-degree murder after DNA evidence connected him towards the crime, based on the Baltimore Police Department. 

Warren A. Brown, Smith’s defense attorney, confirmed to the 62-year-old have been working in the church like a day laborer, coupled with been hired to maneuver pews.

Arrested on 12 ,. 1, Cruz also faces assault and weapons charges within the situation. He’s being arrested in a Baltimore holding facility, based on online jail records. He also offers also offers a comprehensive criminal background — including arrests for rape and robbery — coupled with finished serving a supervised parole in October. 

No apparent motive in Player’s murder was immediately disclosed by officials.

“It’s a very emotional circumstance,” Brown told “It has got the city riled. It’s applied a raw nerve. When that occurs, there’s this lynch mob mentality that takes over.”

Brown known as into question the state’s forensic evidence and stated he intends to pursue an madness defense on Smith’s account. He mentioned that his client includes a serious good reputation for mental illness and is affected with severe delusions and paranoia.

“He fell with the cracks,” Brown stated. “His history is replete with functions of violence but can also be replete with indications the system was greatly conscious of his mental health problems.”

The slaying shocked the church’s community and surrounding Baltimore neighborhoods.

“People are hurting, they’re scared, and they’re trying to find solutions,” Maryland Governor Ray Hogan stated inside a statement just before Smith’s arrest. He’d offered up a $100,000 reward for information resulting in the arrest of Player’s killer.

Baltimore has recorded a current record of 319 murders in 2021, based on police stats.

An open information officer for that Baltimore Police Department declined to discuss the pending situation on Wednesday mid-day. Cruz includes a preliminary court scheduled for Jan. 4, 2022, based on court public records acquired by

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